Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The true American character reborn

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Few writers take up the pen in truth these days. Plagiarism and a lack of validity are rife, where news outlet truths are strangled by imposed taboo, and well-diagrammed schema trickle down from the very top to the many hungry minds of the masses looking for solace.

Corporate owned and influenced by government, media skillfully crafts a manufactured truth with an imposing twist, slanted by a well orchestrated design. Like a flash in a pan, they use a carrot on a stick, a dog and pony show, and smoky mirrors to help you to forget. Seldom is a story followed to a close, or revisited, just a faded memory.

There is always something pressing, an alert every day, to take its place… To even ask the question why, is very rare, as pop-corn distractions fill the void with constant abstract fervor, creating new questions to displace the previous unanswered ones.

We choose a side, like Fox and Friends, or CNN, with confidence and poise, regurgitating what little of it we remember. Much of what can be called current events are redacted without notice by a populous taught to have a limited attention span, and newspapers demand their reporters write for a sixth grade education.

Soon displaced, it becomes exceedingly difficult to get to the truth of a matter, unless you investigate yourself. No longer, if ever, can you trust any media outlet to be impartial, and as truth is manipulated, accuracy is pulled and pushed to fit their particular envelope. Those who push this mass of distraction aside, and drive forward in investigation, find that what was presented as truth was little more but assumptions and suppositions, dead-end substantiations that blind us like a needle in an eye.

In this confusion, we cannot plan with any certainty what side we are actually on, or formulate a volition to actually care for much of anything but selfishness, as it is embedded in us to trust a system that now understands us better than we understand ourselves…. Even for moralists who have historically chosen a side for what they consider righteous reasons, soon realize that both sides of a conflict have little or no virtue, or moral standard.

They see a fight coming, but cannot reason, for themselves, what side they should be on. When the time will come, as they are told it must, authority will tell them when and where to die. We are told from the black box that war is looming; another cold war with Russia… and that world economies are failing. Between mass shootings, we get a glimpse of a disintegrating EU, how black men hate white men and all cops too.

We see a disingenuous love-hate relationship with the UN, but can’t seem to reason why… as few will take the time to actually view the meetings on C-span. We have information at our fingertips, and yet, we seem to be floundering in ignorance and apathy.

Our southern oil-field economy is disintegrating before our eyes, as our so-called friend, Saudi Arabia, floods the market, for years, with cheap oil… supposedly to bankrupt OUR enemies. Only problem with that is our oilfield infrastructure, in America, is destroyed too, along with America’s ability to be energy independent, for many years to come.

Red tape, and black dots 

Everything is connected in this ever-shrinking global community, and it seems now, as central bank tentacles reach into every nook and cranny, that what we do to another has . . .


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