Thursday, August 4, 2016

Congressman Palazzo calls it a King's Ransom

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American Hostages in Iran

Meet Congressman Palazzo (R-Miss.)
It has recently come to light that the Obama Administration secretly airlifted $400 million to Iran on January 17, the same day American hostages were released. Although, the White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest claims the exchange was coincidentally on the same day and not a ransom payment, the rest of America is left to wonder why we were kept in the dark.

It is American policy to not pay ransom for hostages. This exchange followed a terrible nuclear agreement the United States made with Iran, one which I strongly opposed. We cannot afford Iran to be a dominating force in the Middle East, and we certainly cannot let them gain access to nuclear weapons.

I have openly been against Obama’s willingness to deal with the Islamic Republic of Iran from the beginning. Unfortunately, this Administration is less concerned with American interests abroad than pandering to those who have pledged themselves to our destruction.

Neshoba County Fair

Last week I was able to attend the 127th Neshoba County Fair. Donald Trump Jr. was there and spoke of how Donald Trump will Make America Great Again. As the younger Trump said, “this is no longer a campaign, it is a movement.”

As your Representative, it is so wonderful to see the state of Mississippi standing strong behind the Republican presidential candidate. Trump plans to defend our constitutional rights because he knows what America needs.

The Neshoba County Fair is always full of great music, animals, speakers and of course the finest Mississippi cuisine. I look forward to attending the Neshoba County Fair in the future to continue this fantastic long-standing Mississippi tradition.

American Catfish

I am fighting alongside the rest of the Mississippi Congressional delegation to keep the USDA in charge of inspecting our catfish.

There is currently legislation attempting to give control of catfish inspections back to the Federal Drug Administration. The task of inspecting catfish now resides with the USDA because the FDA failed to do their job the first time.

The USDA already tests our poultry, beef, and pork. And they are doing a better job -- already two Asian deliveries of catfish turned around rather than have their low-quality fish be inspected.

Our farmers are already so restricted in how they operate, it would be close to impossible to compete with foreign catfish that is filled with cancer-causing substances and banned chemicals that would cause harm to Americans. I am fighting to keep the USDA in control and ensure that the FDA does not risk American lives.

Besides, Mississippi catfish tastes better anyways.

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