Friday, August 19, 2016

Cowards: Obama and his party of treason

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How many times does it have to be said?

Thanks to Obama, our enemies don’t fear us. Our friends don’t respect us. In fact, no one respects America any longer.

And that has dangerous consequences for Americans.

There is one horrifying story that has just come out that the media doesn’t want to talk about. After all, they don’t want anything reflecting badly on their dear leader in the last months of his administration. What is this horrible story?

In South Sudan, South Sudanese troops attacked a compound with foreign aid workers in it. They targeted Americans, who were beaten and tortured. Women were gang raped. One woman was reportedly raped by 15 men.

One of the men taunted the Americans. “Tell your government about this,” he told them. The workers called for help from a nearby U.N. Peacekeeping unit and were ignored. They even called for help from the American embassy and were ignored.

America would not help its own citizens being tortured and raped.

And then the attackers laughed at America.

Does anyone believe they would have tried this to Russians?

Does anyone seriously doubt that if they had attacked Russians this way, Vladimir Putin would be sending his Spetznatz soldiers down to Africa right now to exact a terrible revenge? No one doubts that because everyone knows Vladimir Putin doesn’t play games.

Barack Obama ransomed American citizens from Iran. He paid the Iranians $400 million in cash. In 1981, the Iranians were so afraid of Ronald Reagan and America, they released the American hostages in Iran before Reagan could do anything to them.

Today, thanks to Barack Obama and the Party of Treason, America is a laughing stock.

Liberals are always worried that they will be “embarrassed” about America if we have conservative leadership. Forget embarrassment, how about fear for your life. That is what we have today. Terrorists and 7th century savages attack Americans with impunity, knowing the sniveling stoner in the White House won’t do anything to them.

It is a dangerous world with plenty of evil people in it. Peace in this world is guaranteed by men ready to deal violence against those evil men so that we may sleep peacefully at night. But when the leader of a nation is a coward, unwilling to protect the citizens of his nation, no one can sleep peacefully at night.

The enemy is coming for us and our leadership could care less.

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