Sunday, August 14, 2016

Congressman Palazzo - A Political Virus

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A Political Virus

Meet Steven Palazzo - Mississippi Congressman (R)
Within the last several months, Zika virus has been threatening the American people and our health. In May, the House voted to fund efforts against the Zika virus for $622 million.

For Senate Democrats that was not enough, they requested $1.1 billion, and collectively approved that amount. In June the House responded and voted again to fund the $1.1 billion, to help combat Zika.

This was passed and fully covered by cuts to other areas of the budget. That House-passed bill then traveled back to the Senate, at the amount requested.

Yet, the Democrats decided to play a political game and impede the passage of the bill. They continue to try and blame Republicans for the lack of a Zika bill that the Democrats were responsible for BLOCKING.

Senate Republicans have tried numerous times to pass the funding, but have been barred by Senate Democrats, time and time again. I understand the concern that comes with the Zika virus and that American’s health is at risk.

It is time for Democrats to quit making this a political game and vote to pass Zika funding. As usual, it’s the hardworking that suffer the consequences, while the Democrats play politics.

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