Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Attack plots from Muslim convert in Canada?

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If you really want to know how jaded and biased the liberal progressive media is, just take a gander sometime.

Right now, the most important news stories for them this week have been Donald Trump and his “supposed” endorsement of assassinating Hillary Clinton.

The other story is Donald Trump saying Obama and Clinton are the founder and co-founder of ISIS. Funny thing, the media had nothing to say when Hillary Clinton asserted last December that Donald Trump was the biggest recruiter for ISIS — such hypocrisy.

There is relatively nothing about Hillary Clinton’s pay-for-play scheme with her own Clinton Foundation while SecState. There was almost nothing about the father of Islamic jihadist Omar Mateen being invited to Clinton’s Orlando rally — her campaign issued a weak-as-pond-water statement.

And there has been very little reported on this story coming out of Canada.

As reported by Reuters: Aaron Driver first came to the attention of Canadian officials in late 2014 after he voiced support for Islamic State on social media. In 2015, the Muslim convert was arrested for communicating with militants involved with attack plots in Texas and Australia. Early this year, he agreed to a court order known as a peace bond that restricted his online and cell phone use.

Yet it took a tip from the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation to alert Canadian intelligence officials to what police say was an imminent attack Driver was planning on a major Canadian city.

Driver, 24, died after he detonated an explosive device in the backseat of a taxi as police closed in and opened fire, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) said in Ottawa.

The RCMP said Driver, one of only two Canadians currently subject to a peace bond, was not under constant surveillance before the tip from the FBI came on Wednesday morning.

Driver’s father, Wayne Driver, was among those left with questions about why authorities did not intervene more decisively earlier. He said he wished his son had been forced into a de-radicalization program.

“I don’t think [the peace bond] was very effective at all. I mean, look at the outcome,” Driver’s father told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. “Why wasn’t he on some kind of parole where he had to report a couple times a month instead of never?”

RCMP Deputy Commissioner Mike Cabana said law enforcement has difficulties both in Canada and abroad in collecting admissible evidence in anti-terrorism investigations. Even when, as in Driver’s case, there is enough evidence for a court-ordered terror-related peace bond, he said the tool can not really prevent an attack.

Our ability to monitor people 24 hours a day and 7 days a week simply does not exist. We can’t do that,” Cabana told reporters at a news conference in Ottawa.”

A peace bond, a doggone peace bond, folks. That sounds much like a policy of compassion, unity, and love to defeat Islamic jihadism, terrorism, as put forth by our U.S. Attorney General. Who is God’s name comes up with these insidious policies — a peace bond??

This should be our concern. Aaron Driver was drawn to militant Islam, but what of those who inspired him to that decision? Here to our north, we have a very serious problem because the new winsome young Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau has stated he’s opening up Canada to receive refugees from Syria.

Now, if you have a homegrown Islamic jihadist issue, why would you in all sincerity bring in more unvetted individuals at a time when the enemy has stated their intent upon infiltration?

Everyone focuses on our southern border, and for good reason, but perhaps we need more vigilance when it comes to the northern one as well. I’m very appreciative that our American law enforcement agency was able to provide the intelligence allowing RCMP authorities to seek to apprehend this traitor.

However, what should trouble us is that, once again, all the warning signs and indicators were there, and they simply issued a “peace bond.”

I wish someone had been watching our back in the case of Syed Farouk, Tashfeen Malik and Omar Mateen. The horrible circumstances in which we live today are that this enemy only has to get it right once; we have to get it right every time.

And that’s something they know, so they are continuing to flood the battlespace, which includes our homelands, with these singular jihadists who are answering the call.

What plagues Western civilization is a self-imposed paralysis enabled by Islamists and their Islamopologist cohorts, using the politically correct tool of “Islamophobia.” There is no “phobia” in admitting who the enemy is and accepting their declared goals and objectives — which they openly profess.

Yet, we have fools who parade around and declare some to be recruiters for the global jihad because they realize that, “Houston, we have a problem.” And the problem is simple to fix: stop acquiescing, obfuscating, denying and lying to us liberty-loving people.

When we have these hard restrictions set upon our law enforcement agencies, such as the inane rules of engagement in combat zones — that allow individuals such as Aaron Driver and Omar Mateen to escape scrutiny — we give the enemy a gap to exploit.

When we tell imams, clerics, and mullahs that their incendiary hate-filled speech is just part of freedom of religion, we are in essence supporting the very ideology that seduced Aaron Driver.

We need to find the folks making the call and cut off their means of communications. It is time we realized the difference between freedom of religion and religious speech — and seditious speech.

And when groups like CAIR — or others who were named in the Muslim Brotherhood explanatory memorandum — complain, they need to be cut off as well. And we need an administration that will finally declare the Muslim Brotherhood a terrorist organization.

BTW, recall that it was Hillary Clinton’s State Department that just couldn’t find it in itself — or perhaps herself — to declare Boko Haram an Islamic terrorist organization. However, in its place was a very sentimental hashtag campaign about bringing our girls back.

The event north of our border with our Canadian cousins is just another example that these weak-kneed, emotional, “stronger together,” bridge over troubled waters, you got a friend progressive socialists are incapable of defending and protecting us.

Sheep cannot lead Lions, and Lions have no freaking clue what a “peace bond” is! Whatever it is, it didn’t work, and it needs to be rescinded, cast aside; the continued existence of such a pansy policy is nothing less than FUBAR.


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