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New strains of racism from newest Americans

A new strain of racism from the newest Americans from the files of Armstrong at the Washington Times

Meet Armstrong Williams
Racism in America has often been reduced to white-against-black discrimination, and understandably so. After all, it was white colonists who forcibly removed Africans from their homeland and brought them to America to serve as slaves on plantations.

Following the Civil War and the end of slavery in America, this country continued to struggle with racism. It took the dedication of Dr. Martin Luther King and a movement of civil rights activism to further ease the divisions among us.

Racial tension persists to this day, most recently seen in the shooting of Trayvon Martin and the events that followed.

But another kind of racism has emerged, unreported by the mainstream media. I’m talking about Hispanic racism against blacks.

As Latin American immigrants continue to flood the United States, both legally and illegally, discrimination against black Americans is also growing.

In 2011 a large Latino gang located in East Los Angeles was indicted for attempting to forcibly remove a neighborhood of black residents from the San Gabriel Valley. For 15 years, this gang led a campaign of attacks and firebombings on black families living in the town.

Unfortunately, incidents like this are all too common in Los Angeles and in other major U.S. cities.

In Compton, California, the Los Angeles Police Department recently expressed concern over the number of attacks on black families by Latino gangs within the past decade.

Speaking of one particular incident, the Los Angeles Times reported, “A black family — a mother, three teenage children and a 10-year-old boy — moved into a little yellow home in Compton over Christmas vacation.

When a friend came to visit, four men in a black SUV pulled up and called him a ‘n–-r,’ saying black people were barred from the neighborhood, according to Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies. They jumped out, drew a gun on him and beat him with metal pipes. It was just the beginning of what detectives said was a campaign by a Latino street gang to force an African-American family to leave.”

Many Latin American immigrants come from countries where racism has only recently been, or has yet to be, deinstitutionalized. In many countries in the region, according to Tanya Hernandez, professor of law at Fordham University, “both law and practice have discriminated against the region’s 150 million Afro-descendants.”

In Cuba, Afro-Cuban activists claim blacks face discrimination for certain jobs, particularly managerial positions, have poor access to health care and are relegated to poor housing.

In Colombia, 288,000 Afro-Colombians have been forcibly removed from their communities as of 2009 as civil unrest continues to plague the country.

Many countries in Latin America have only recently begun to fight back against the racism within their borders. Colombia passed a comprehensive anti-discrimination law in 2011. Brazil passed an affirmative action law only two years ago.

But as Americans know all too well, racism doesn’t disappear overnight from the hearts and minds of individuals. Dismantling racism requires a generational transformation and then some.

This personal transformation has yet to happen in many Hispanic communities. A Duke University study in 2006 reported 60 percent of Hispanic respondents believed that few or almost no blacks were hard-working or could be trusted.

In light of the ongoing reality of Hispanic racism against blacks, Congress should be very careful when addressing immigration reform. The rule of law must be preserved. Latin American immigrants who come here lawfully must leave their native country’s racial prejudices behind and live peacefully with American citizens of every color.

We are a nation of laws. The rights and dignity of all Americans must be guarded against and protected. Anything less is unacceptable.

Armstrong Williams is sole owner/manager of Howard Stirk Holdings and executive editor of American CurrentSee Online Magazine.

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Muslims and Jihadists target social media

TARGETING SOCIAL MEDIA: Muslim and Leftist Jihad On Free Speech from the files of Audrey Russo at Clash

Read Russo's Reports at Clash
The last bastion of free speech available to the free world is the internet. A place where lovers of liberty can still go to opine, rant or create parody. So you had to know that those who love cultural Marxism (political correctness) and long for the tentacles of tyranny to take the last breath from a free people…were chomping at the bit.

Enter the current day cultural tyrants and they’re strange bedfellows.

First, you have the Leftists who love to bandy around the term freedom, but not a trace of it can be found in their ideology. You find them at the source of every over-financed failure, that the government has robbed from its potential in the free market system.

Everything the Leftist ideology touches, turns into an insatiable black hole draining those who never wanted to invest (and it only happens to Conservatives when they get their ideas from the Left).

Well, via their current spokesman, Barack Obama, they are attempting to yet again get their tentacles around our freedom by pushing “net neutrality”. He lifted his scepter and called for the FTC to regulate Internet service providers like telephone companies, citing concerns about ISPs “picking winners and losers in the online marketplace.”

Allow me to interpret this. Nanny wants to make sure everyone is equal (like in North Korea), so Nanny must step in and make all decisions concerning this form of communication because, after all: Americans are too stupid to understand. Senator Ted Cruz nailed it when he said:
“Net Neutrality is ObamaCare for the Internet; the Internet should not operate at the speed of government.” If government manages to get their hands on the net in any way, shape or form…freedom is a distant memory.
And second, we have the Islamists who have no leg to stand on to bandy about the term freedom, because their ideology has an aversion to personal freedom. But that won’t stop them from having their piece of the infidel pie. Sharia Islamic Law demands that all infidels submit to their laws whether they do it willingly (convert) or not (remain a non-Muslim but pay the jizya or protection money as a second-class citizen (Dhimmi).

The Quran 33:57 says – “Lo! those who malign Allah and His messenger, Allah hath cursed them in this world and the Hereafter, and hath prepared for them the doom of the disdained.” So, the freedom that democracies have to allow citizens to speak their mind, is a pernicious No-No in Islam.

And since the devout followers of Muhammed believe that they must conquer the West/Non-Muslims (as they did for 450 years, which provoked the Crusades) they must use whatever they can to accomplish that end (Gee, sounds just like the Leftist ideology dictated by Saul Alinsky).

Along comes an organization by the name of “Muslim Advocates” that is working diligently with top executives from Facebook, Twitter, Google/YouTube and many other social media biggies to silence any criticism of Islam. Disguising their true agenda behind a burqa of “..freedom and justice..”, they are pushing arduously to have all Facebook pages, websites and videos with any negative nuance against Islam removed post haste.

These Islamo-fascists, touting themselves as moderates, started a campaign:
“Click Here To End Hate: Anti-Muslim Bigotry Online and How To Take Action” - which is nothing more than an opportunity for traitors of free speech to rat out their fellow citizens, who are exercising their rights.
We need to make it clear to both these enemies of free will, that free speech on the internet is not on the menu for their consideration. When I think of these crybabies, who always demand their way, a childhood fairy tale comes to mind of the “Three Little Pigs.”

When they say, “Little pig, little pig, let me come in.”

We respond, “Not by the hair on my chinny chin chin.”

And if they respond, “Then I’ll huff, and I’ll puff, and I’ll blow your house down” - no worries. A free people can handle airbags. We do in politics all the time.

Oh, and if I offended any Muslim with the “pig” reference - deal with it - we call it: Freedom!

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The untold story about Ferguson

The Ferguson story you probably aren't hearing from the files of Judson Phillips, Founder of the Tea Party Nation

Citizens Love Doug Merello's Conoco Gas Station
The shooting of robber and gang member Michael Brown by former police officer Darren Wilson has been in the news since it happened back in August.

The whole saga in Ferguson has been orchestrated by the radical left and the drive by media because it fit the narrative that they wanted to push. That narrative is that America is a racist nation and a white racist cop killed a black man for no reason.

The mainstream media has endlessly told this story as a race based story. But there is one story that comes out of Ferguson that the drive by media is not talking about.

Why? Because it doesn’t fit the narrative.

From The Review Journal:
Since looting first erupted following the August police shooting of black teenager Michael Brown, nearly all the businesses in a two-square-mile area of this St. Louis suburb have had to board up. All except one — a Conoco gas station and convenience store.

At least a dozen stores have been set ablaze and others looted in Ferguson in racially charged riots since a grand jury on Monday cleared white policeman Darren Wilson in the shooting, which has torn apart this predominantly black Missouri city.

The unrest surrounding Brown’s death has underscored the often-tense nature of U.S. race relations. But the gas station has stood out as a beacon, literally and figuratively, as nightfall has descended and chaos has reigned around it.

On Tuesday night, as police and soldiers took up positions in the parking lots of virtually every strip mall and big box store around it, the forecourt of the brightly lit gas station was busy with customers.

One, a 6-foot-8-inches man named Derrick Jordan — “Stretch,” as friends call him — whisked an AR-15 assault rifle out from a pickup truck parked near the entrance.

Jordan, 37, was one of four black Ferguson residents who spent Tuesday night planted in front of the store, pistols tucked into their waistbands, waiting to ward off looters or catch shoplifters.

Jordan and the others guarding the gas station are all black. The station’s owner is white.

Ferguson has seen a stark demographic shift in recent decades, going from all white to mostly black. About two-thirds of the town’s 21,000-strong population are black. By some accounts, the Brown shooting has heightened racial tensions in the city. But not at the gas station.

“We would have been burned to the ground many times over if it weren’t for them,” said gas station owner Doug Merello, whose father first bought it in 1984.

Merello said he feels deep ties to Ferguson, and if the loyalty of some of his regular customers is any indication, the feeling is mutual.
This story is so offensive to the left on so many levels. First, real Americans are gathering and using the 2nd Amendment to protect themselves when, as the police chief in Ferguson said, he could not stop the rioters unless he had 10,000 cops.

Second, this is a story about real Americans.

These guys don’t hate each other because of their skin color. They are real Americans. They judge each other by the content of their character, not the color of their skin.

That is something liberals are incapable of doing.

While the thugs in Ferguson riot, real Americans are banding together. It is a pity we are not hearing more stories about real Americans like these men who banded together to protect each other.

[Click Here] to join or visit the Tea Party Nation.
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President Obama's behavior: Unusual abuse

Watchdog group calls this Obama behavior ‘unusual abuse’ from the files of Colonel Allen B. West

Lincoln Bedroom at the Whitehouse
I’m not going to assess or analyze this story at all – I’ll let you decide. I just find it interesting it’s happening when so many American middle-income families can’t afford a vacation and are struggling to make ends meet.

As reported by the Washington Examiner, “In what a taxpayer watchdog group called “an unusual abuse,” President Obama’s decision over Labor Day to fly home from New York to sleep in his own bed instead of overnighting and then attending the New York wedding of his chef cost Americans $295,227.

It was just one expensive leg of a Labor Day work and fun trip with an overall price tag of $1,539,402.10 in flight expenses alone — not including security costs, food, housing or those associated with his staff. The financial details were provided to Judicial Watch by the Air Force.”

There were two lessons I learned in my twenty-two years of service in the US Army — lead by example and service above self (Officers always ate last, and if food ran out, that was your sacrifice to ensure the needs of your soldiers were met).

Leaders are there to serve, not to be served, which is a leadership model that defines a unit’s command atmosphere — and its resulting standard of performance. It also defines the policies and relationship of a leader to those her or she has been chosen to lead.

Tom Fitton, head of the DC-based watchdog group Judicial Watch has been charting presidential travel costs for years, and said Congress should look into Obama’s use of Air Force One for fun and fundraising. “The new Congress could do worse than to reform presidential travel so taxpayers aren’t gouged by candidates and campaigns benefitting from the political use of Air Force One,” he said.

America is in a truly dire fiscal situation and hard working American taxpayers are feeling the brunt of the federal government’s fiscal irresponsibility. I agree with Tom Fitton — it is indeed time for Congress to review what is “official travel” and what is charged to taxpayers.

What are your thoughts on travel for elected representatives?
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Pick a lie about ozone ~ methane ~ mercury

Take Your Pick of Lies About Ozone, Methane or Mercury from the Warning Signs by Alan Caruba at Facts-not-Fantasy

Know Caruba's Warning Signs at Facts-not-Fantasy
Is it surprising that the Environmental Protection Agency continues to tell big fat lies about anything it wants to ban, but is reluctant to show the “science” on which the bans are based?

There is currently a piece of legislation under consideration by Congress, the Secret Science Reform Act, to force the EPA to disclose its scientific and technical information before proposing or finalizing any regulation.

This is what Nicolas Loris of The Heritage Foundation had to say regarding the mercury air and toxics rule that the EPA claims would produce $53 billion to $140 billion in annual health and environmental benefits. “The two studies that represent the scientific foundation for 1997 ozone and PM2.5 National Ambient Air Quality Standards are highly questionable and the data concealed, even though the studies were paid for by federal taxpayers and thus should be public property.”

In addition to claims about carbon dioxide as a dreaded “greenhouse” gas, methane is also getting the attention of those opposed to “fracking”, a technique that has provided access to both natural gas and oil. James M. Taylor, a Senior Fellow with The Heartland Institute, a free market think tank, noted in January that “Natural gas has high methane content, but the methane is converted to energy when natural gas is burnt.”

Citing U.S. Energy Information Administration data, Taylor noted “The ongoing decline in methane emissions supplements ongoing declines in U.S. carbon dioxide emissions.” Since 2000 both are down between 6% AND 9%.

The EPA is forever claiming billions in "health benefits" that result from their regulations. The public never gets to see the data on which such claims are based. The regulations, however, cost billions.

The day before Thanksgiving, the EPA announced that it intends to propose an updated national standard for ground-level ozone, otherwise known as smog, based in part on the enforcement of rules concerning mercury. The previous day, the Supreme Court said it would review the agency’s standards requiring reductions of mercury emissions and other elements the EPA regards as toxic air pollution.

To put all this in perspective, in August CNS News’ Penny Starr reported on a study by the National Association of Manufacturers regarding the EPA’s proposed regulation of ozone. It found that “it could be the costliest federal rule by reducing the Gross National Product by $270 billion per year and $3.4 trillion from 2017 to 2040, and adds $3.3 trillion in compliance costs for the same period.” NAM president, Jay Timmons, said “The regulation has the capacity to stop the manufacturing comeback in its tracks.”

Concurrently with NAM, the American Petroleum Institute released an analysis of the NAM study that said “The nation’s air quality has improved over the past several years, and ozone emissions will continue to decline without new regulations.” NAM’s vice president of energy and resources policy, Ross Eisenberg, said, “We are rapidly approaching a point where we are requiring manufacturers to do the impossible.”

That, however, is exactly what the ozone regulation is intended to do. This has nothing to do with health and everything to do with destroying the nation’s power producers and manufacturers, reducing vital electrical energy, and forcing factories of every description to close.

At the upper levels of the atmosphere, the stratosphere, ozone is essential to the survival of life on Earth because ozone filters harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation from sunlight. Otherwise the radiation would damage both plant and animal life. The reason you get sunburned is that too much UV radiation has caused it. Like everything else in nature, too much or too little determines the harm or benefit it provides, but that too is largely determined by nature.

Ozone is a form of elemental oxygen, but it’s not something you want to breathe. As Wikipedia notes, “It is not emitted directly by car engines or by industrial operations, but formed by the reaction of sunlight on air containing hydrocarbons and nitrogen oxides that react to form ozone directly at the source of the pollution or many kilometers down wind.” The initial mandate of the EPA to clean the air and water has been achieved. That is why smog is relatively rare nationwide. Further regulation is regressive.

As for mercury, in 2011 the EPA issued 946 pages of new rules requiring U.S. power plants to sharply reduce their emissions of mercury even though they were already quite low. As with the proposed ozone rules, the EPA claimed that they would cost $10.9 billion annually to implement, but would save 17,000 lives while generating $140 billion in health benefits. This is all just hogwash. Such figures are just plucked out of the air or, worse, based on “science” the public paid for but is not allowed to see!

Does anybody find it bizarre that, while the EPA is trying to remove the tiniest amounts of mercury in the environment, in 2011 Congress passed a law eliminate the incandescent light bulb and required their replacement by fluorescent lights that contain mercury?

As Willie Soon and Paul Driessen wrote in a 2011 Wall Street Journal commentary, “Mercury has always existed naturally in Earth’s environment. Mercury is found in air, water, rocks, soil and trees, which absorb it from the environment.” They noted that “Since our power plants account for less than 0.5% of all the mercury in the air we breathe, eliminating every milligram of it will do nothing about the other 99.5% in our atmosphere.”

The fundamental EPA lies about ozone and mercury involve the issue of toxicity. Since both are a natural part of the Earth, and since the Earth is 4.5 billion years old, and since life expectancy has been increasing dramatically in recent decades, the likelihood that either represents a threat requiring the expenditure of billions to reduce tiny amounts of their emissions is based on environmental ideology, not on science.

Even if it was based on alleged science we would, as noted, not be allowed to see the data. If this reminds you of the way ObamaCare was foisted on “the stupid voters”, you’re right. The EPA hopes you are stupid enough not to realize that it is engaged in the destruction of the economy.

Editor's Note: Help Dr. Jeremy W. Grabbe of SUNY Plattsburgh at Queensbury by participating in his survey about climate change.

Go to [ click >> Survey Monkey << here ] and take a minute to answer the questions.
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Beautiful Holidays

Beautiful Holidays from the files of Mary Jane Popp at KAHI Radio

A Susan Smith-Jones Production
Okay, we’re into now ladies…the wonderful and yet tormenting holidays! So do you want to come out of them happy and healthy and looking good, or frustrated, overweight and afraid to look in the mirror?

I will assume the former. So I checked in with Dr. Susan Smith-Jones, who is an internationally known expert in nutrition and author of some 25 books, to give us some basics on how to handle the holidays to look and feel younger. Her latest book is “Walking on Air.” She asked me what beautiful means to me? Huh?

She told me beauty does not begin on the outside. “Beautiful is what you are made of. Beautiful people spend time discovering what they love—what sings to them---and they make time each day to fill themselves up with that beauty. Authentic beauty is an alchemy of radiant physical health and glowing self-esteem.

When one feels happy and fulfilled, their outlook and contentment is reflected in their face and overall appearance.” She added , “to combine emotional and physical nourishment is, in her estimation, the truest and most time-honored beauty secret.”

So let’s get to the Tips for Looking Younger No Matter Your Age:
EXERCISE: Regular, vigorous exercise supports healthy circulation and detoxification, with visible benefits for the skin. It also releases endorphins that makes you feel happier and less stressed. The skin takes on a rosy glow that no makeup artist could duplicate.

SLEEP: If you are not well rested, your skin will let the world know because your face will appear pale, drawn, and blemished. Sleep is when most of the body’s repair work and maintenance are completed. Thus, getting deep sleep nightly is essential for maintaining beautiful skin. While you sleep, blemishes are being healed and new skin cells regenerate.

DIET AND WATER: Emphasize lots of high water content foods in your daily diet, such as raw fresh fruits and vegetables. These foods are rich in antioxidants, which help give you glowing, youthful skin. Make sure you drink between 6-8 glasses of purified water daily, too. If you are dehydrated, as most people are day in, day out, this creates wrinkles (like how a grape turns into a raisin) and accelerates aging.

JOY-FILLED LIVING: Reveling in life’s simple pleasures at least once a day will not only keep stress and wrinkles at bay, but will also enrich your life immeasurably. For example, spending time in nature or with your pets will boost your mood. Laughter quells stress and activates the immune system. Your skin glows with joy when you put on a happy face.
I guess I liked her conclusion that choosing a healthy lifestyle will make you glow and be beautiful throughout your life. So, the secrets are really just practical application of the basics. Of course, you need to make the best of all those incredible edibles that will be dangling in front of your face smothered in chocolate and all the delectable that come with the holidays.

So, take it easy, don’t stress, and enjoy yourself…and don’t get all #$!$#!$#. Crazy and whiny doesn’t help! Take it one day at a time, and enjoy every minute of it with family and friends!

Happy and Blessed Holidays . . .  from Mary Jane Popp
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The Gruberization of environmental policies

The Gruberization of environmental policies from the files of Paul Driessen at

Accumulation of fraudulent EPA regulations impacts energy, economy, jobs, families and health

Read the Driessen Files at
Call it the Gruberization of America’s energy and environmental policies.

Former White House medical consultant Jonathan Gruber pocketed millions of taxpayer dollars before infamously explaining how ObamaCare was enacted

 “Lack of transparency is a huge political advantage,” he said. “It was really, really critical to getting the bill passed.” At least one key provision was a “very clever basic exploitation of the lack of economic understanding of the American voter.”

The Barack Obama/Gina McCarthy Environmental Protection Agency is likewise exploiting its lack of transparency and most Americans’ lack of scientific understanding. EPA bureaucrats and their hired scientists, pressure groups and PR flacks are getting rich and powerful by implementing costly, punitive, dictatorial regulations “for our own good,” and pretending to be honest and publicly spirited.

EPA’s latest regulatory onslaught is its “Clean Power Plan.” The agency claims the CPP will control or prevent “dangerous manmade climate change,” by reducing carbon dioxide and “encouraging” greater use of renewable energy. In reality, as even EPA acknowledges, no commercial-scale technology exists that can remove CO2 from power plant emission streams. The real goal is forcing coal-fired power plants to reduce their operations significantly or (better still) shut down entirely.

The agency justifies this by deceitfully claiming major health benefits will result from eliminating coal in electricity generation – and deceptively ignoring the harmful effects that its regulations are having on people’s livelihoods, living standards, health and well-being. Its assertion that reducing the USA’s coal-related carbon dioxide emissions will make an iota of difference is just as disingenuous. China, India and other fast-developing nations must keep burning coal to generate electricity and lift people out of poverty, and CO2 plays only a tiny (if any) role in climate change and destructive weather events.

The new CPP amplifies Obama Administration diktats targeting coal use. Companion regulations cover mercury, particulates (soot), ozone, “cross-state” air pollution, sulfur and nitrogen oxides that contribute to haze in some areas, and water quality. Their real benefits are minimal to illusory … or fabricated.

American’s air is clean, thanks to scrubbers and other emission control systems that remove the vast majority of pollutants. Remaining pollutants pose few real health problems. To get the results it needs, EPA cherry picks often questionable research that supports its agenda and ignores all other studies. It low-balls costs, pays advisors and outside pressure groups millions of dollars to support its decisions, and ignores the cumulative effects of its regulations on energy costs and thus on businesses, jobs and families.

Now, for the first time, someone has tallied those costs. The results are sobering.

An exhaustive study by Energy Ventures Analysis, Inc. tallies the overall effects of EPA regulations on the electric power industry and provides state-by-state summaries of the rules’ impacts on residential, industrial and overall energy users. The study found that EPA rules and energy markets will inflict $284 billion per year in extra electricity and natural gas costs in 2020, compared to its 2012 baseline year.

The typical household’s annual electricity and natural gas bills will rise 35% or $680 by 2020, compared to 2012, and will climb every year after that, as EPA regulations get more and more stringent. Median family incomes are already $2,000 lower since President Obama took office, and electricity prices have soared 14-33% in states with the most wind power – so these extra costs will exact a heavy additional toll.

Manufacturing and other businesses will be hit even harder, the study concluded. Their electricity and natural gas costs will almost double between 2012 and 2020, increasing by nearly $200 billion annually over this short period. Energy-intensive industries like aluminum, steel and chemical manufacturing will find it increasingly hard to compete in global markets, but all businesses (and their employees) will suffer.

The EVA analysis calculates that industrial electricity rates will soar by 34% in West Virginia, 59% in Maryland and New York, and a whopping 74% in Ohio. Just imagine running a factory, school district or hospital – and having to factor skyrocketing costs like that into your budget. Where do you find that extra money? How many workers or teachers do you lay off, or patients do you turn away? Can you stay open?

The CPP will also force utility companies to spend billions building new generators (mostly gas-fired, plus wind turbines), and new transmission lines, gas lines and other infrastructure. But EPA does not factor those costs into its calculations; nor does it consider the many years it will take to design, permit, engineer, finance and build those systems – and battle Big Green lawsuits over them.

How “science-based” are EPA’s regulations, really? Its mercury rule is based on computer-generated risks to hypothetical American women who eat 296 pounds of fish a year that they catch themselves, a claim that its rule will prevent a theoretical reduction in IQ test scores by an undetectable “0.00209 points,” and similar absurdities. Its PM2.5 soot standard is equivalent to having one ounce of super-fine dust spread equally in a volume of air one-half mile long, one-half mile wide and one story tall.

No wonder EPA has paid its “independent” Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee $181 million and the American Lung Association $25 million since 2000 to rubberstamp its secretive, phony “science.”

Rural America will really be walloped by the total weight of EPA’s anti-coal regulations. Nonprofit electricity cooperatives serve 42 million people in 47 states, across three-fourths of the nation’s land area. They own and maintain 42% of America’s electric distribution lines and depend heavily on coal. They have already invested countless billions retrofitting coal-fired generators with state-of-the-art emission control systems, and thus emit very few actual pollutants. (CO2 fertilizes plants; it is not a pollutant.)

EPA’s air and water rules will force these coal units to slash their electricity generation or close down long before their productive lives are over – and before replacement units and transmission lines can be built. Electricity rates in these rural areas are already higher than in urban areas, but will go much higher. Experts warn that these premature shutdowns will slash electricity “reserve margins” to almost zero in some areas, make large sections of the power grid unstable, and create high risks of rolling blackouts and cascading power outages, especially in the Texas panhandle, western Kansas and northern Arkansas.

The rules will thus put the cooperatives in violation of the Rural Electrification Act and 16 other laws that require reliable, affordable electricity for these far-flung communities. EPA’s actions are also putting rural hospitals in greater jeopardy, as they try to cope with “Affordable Care Act” rules and other burdens that have already caused numerous closings. As USA Today reported, the shuttered hospitals mean some of the nation’s poorest and sickest patients will be denied accessible, affordable care – and people suffering strokes, heart attacks and accidents will not be able to reach emergency care during their “golden hour,” meaning many of them will die or be severely and permanently disabled.

EPA never bothered to consider any of these factors. Nor has it addressed the habitat, bird, bat and other environmental impacts that tens of thousands more wind turbines will have; the “human health hazards” that wind turbines have been shown to inflict on people living near them; or the high electricity costs, notorious unreliability, and increased power grid instability associated with the wind and solar installations that EPA seems to think can quickly and magically replace the coal-based electricity it is eliminating.

Congress, state legislators and attorneys general, governors and courts need to stop these secretive, duplicitous, dictatorial Executive Branch actions. Here’s one thought. Heartland Institute Science Director Jay Lehr helped organize the panel that called for establishing the Environmental Protection Agency. In a persuasive analysis, he says it’s time now to systematically dismantle the federal EPA and replace it with a “committee of the whole” of the 50 state environmental protection agencies.

The new organization would do a far better job of protecting our air and water quality, livelihoods, living standards, health and welfare. It will listen better to We the People – and less to eco-pressure groups.

Paul Driessen is senior policy analyst for the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow and author of Eco-Imperialism: Green power - Black death and coauthor of Cracking Big Green: To save the world from the save-the-Earth money machine.
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Friday, November 28, 2014

Obama honors black thug but not black hero

Whitehouse sends representatives to the funeral of the Ferguson thug by Ian Garia at Facebook

If You Needed Help, Who of the Two Would You Call Upon

On the left is my brother in arms, Chris Grant killed in action (KIA) on Oct0ber 20, 2013, while conducting operations in Helmand province of Afghanistan.

Not a single White House official was at his funeral.

On the right, as many of you know, is Michael Brown. This guy died after robbing a convenience store of some cigarettes at gun point and disobeyed commands of a police officer.

Three Whitehouse officials attended his funeral. This leaves me dumbfounded as to how stupid our Nation's priorities as a whole have gone down the drain and how far we have strayed from what our Nation was founded upon.

Read the rest of the story by Ian Garia on Facebook.
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Executive Amnesty: One man transforms America

Executive Amnesty: Will We Allow One Man to Fundamentally Transform America? from the files of Lloyd Marcus at the Conservative Campaign Committee

Visit the Lloyd Marcus Website
After six years of putting up with his eldest son actively working with those crazy racist white folks in the Tea Party against the first black president, my 86 year old black dad has finally begun to understand why.

A lifelong Democrat, dad contributed to the GOP shocking victory in Maryland by voting Republican in the 2014 midterm. It has taken me six years to convince Dad that Conservatism is much better for everyone than Liberalism. Dad is old school with basic beliefs.

Democrats are for the working class little guy. Republicans are for the rich. Oh, and Republicans are also racists.

So, you can imagine the challenges I faced trying to re-educated him. Dad believed the Tea Party was racist because he heard it on CNN. I said, “Dad, I travel the country on the Tea Party Express tour bus. And, they allow me to sit upfront. However, I prefer riding in the back because there is a large TV back there and I can watch all the football games.” Dad chuckled.

I know what you are thinking. Lloyd, why haven't you turned your dad on to Fox News? I have tried. I do not know why he rejects Fox and conservative talk radio. Still, I am working on it folks. I am working on it.

With the biased MSM as his main news source, Dad is a low-info voter. I have been working on Dad, educating him one issue at a time. Dad is a good guy, warm and compassionate. I am trying to get him to use his common sense and instincts for right and wrong rather than getting caught up in the Democrats' and MSM emotional manipulative spin on issues.

We chatted about illegal immigration. Dad has been a Christian pastor for over 50 years. He is still the pastor of four churches; driving several miles to visit the sick and shut-ins.

“Dad, remember when mom used to get annoyed at people who used you and your church?” Dad chuckled. I do not recall Dad ever turning away anyone in need.

Mom was frustrated with people who did not want to contribute in anyway to Dad's ministry; never attending a single service or listening to a sermon. All they were interested in was the freebies available at the church; food, clothing and so on.

They wanted Rev. “My-cus-sin” (Marcus), never did get his name right, to perform their weddings and funerals for free. They expected Dad to show up at their homes or hospitals in the middle of the night in times of crisis, despite never setting one foot in Dad's church. Still, Dad faithfully did it all. He was functioning on a higher level; God's Love.

I told Dad that the illegals flooding across our borders have the same we're-just-here-to-take mindset that frustrated mom. They do not want to assimilate. Heck, they could not give a rat's derriere about what it means to be an American.

Illegals proudly fly their Mexican flag and are offended when our kids wear American flag t-shirts to school on Cinco de Mayo. Illegals receive entitlements that are unavailable to U.S. Citizens. They have no desire, nor is there a pressing need for them to learn English.

While liberals claim that poor humble illegals are quaking in their boots “hiding in the shadows”, illegals are boldly and arrogantly protesting in our streets, demanding entitlements and that they not be deported. Illegals claim a moral right to be in our country, while blatantly breaking and ignoring our laws.

The spin promoted from the bully pulpits of the MSM and White House is anyone who does not turn a blind eye to illegals breaking our laws, making demands and abusing our system is a hardhearted racist.

Meanwhile, a mysterious polio-like illness has paralyzed 75 kids across America. A rare Enterovirus D68 is causing an outbreak across 45 states sickening nearly 700, mostly children. Illegal alien minors are also spreading dengue fever, swine flu, tuberculosis and possibly Ebola.

Obama's open border policy has delivered over 300,000 illegals, 75,000 of them are children who directly entered schools across America without proper examinations and so on.

It has been exposed that many of the illegals are gang members and drug dealers.

As inconceivable as this is to imagine, it does appear that one man, exploiting the historical aspect of his presidency to break the law at will, may be allowed to fundamentally transform America. Obama via executive action unilaterally imposed amnesty for 5 million illegals, plus the 75,000 children who invaded our country and their parents.

If Republicans do not stop Obama's insanity, one characterless out-of-control arrogant evil liar will fundamentally transform America. That is totally unacceptable.

Years ago, I wrote a satirical article to illustrate illegal immigration and how we are expected to deal with it. I was shocked that many people thought my fictional scenario was true. Their reaction spoke to how crazy, brain dead and emotion driven the topic of illegal immigration has become and what people think of our government.

In my fictional parable, I came home to discover that a family had taken up residency in my backyard storage shed. Displaying remarkable arrogance and a sense of entitlement the squatters refused to leave arguing that they were simply seeking a better life. Their TV, computers and etc were powered with an electrical cord plugged into the exterior outlet of my home.

Infuriated, I asked the police and City Hall to remove the trespassers from my property. Upon local government discovering the race of my invaders, I was accused of being selfish, cruel and using the law to hide my hateful racism. Suddenly, I began witnessing a migration of my trespassers' relatives and friends into my backyard; littering my property with tents, makeshift shelters and old vehicles.

The city cited me for numerous code violations which included all the dangerous electric cords and bizarre hook-ups into my electrical power source. I was ordered to immediately upgrade my electrical power to meet the needs of my current and potential new residents.

From that point in my imaginary tale, the pandering to my trespassers by my local government got even more outrageous. You get the idea. Folks, this is exactly what is happening in our national home, America.

Illegals are showing up and making outrageous demands. The Obama Administration is siding with them. The reality of the situation is just that simple.

Imagine, “Jeopardy” game show host Alex Trebek saying, “The lawless man who fundamentally transformed America.”

If we do not politically stop him, the correct Final Jeopardy question will be, “Who is Barack Hussein Obama?”

Lloyd Marcus, The Unhyphenated American
Chairman, Conservative Campaign Committee
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Who will be looking down on Baker?

Who'll be looking down on Baker from the files of Jeff Jacoby at the Boston Globe

Calvin Coolidge, the 48th governor of
Massachusetts, was one of the greatest
vote-getters in Commonwealth history — and the
 only Bay State governor to become president.
GOVERNOR DEVAL PATRICK will be leaving his office on the third floor of the State House in a few weeks. It's a good bet that Governor John Andrew will be leaving at the same time.

Patrick, the Commonwealth's 71st chief executive, will be succeeded in January by Charlie Baker, and by tradition each incoming governor chooses the portrait of a predecessor to hang in the corner office.

Patrick's choice was John Albion Andrew, the Bay State's 25th governor and an ardent abolitionist best known today for his role in creating the 54th Massachusetts Infantry Regiment. It was a fitting salute to the 19th-century Republican who said with conviction that whatever earthly sins he might have to account for, "this I know: that I was never mean enough to despise any man because he was black."

Two recent governors, Mitt Romney and Paul Cellucci, put Governor John Volpe's painting in the coveted spot — Cellucci to celebrate Volpe's Italian heritage; Romney because his father had served with Volpe in Richard Nixon's cabinet.

Gazing down on Jane Swift was turn-of-the-20th-century governor Winthrop Crane, who like Swift was a native of Berkshire County. William Weld never explained why he favored the portrait of a rabble-rousing crook like James M. Curley — no doubt it amused him, as many things did.

Baker has been called a Weld protégé, but he's unlikely to make a similarly sardonic pick. Elbridge Gerry, eponym of "gerrymander," presumably won't be returning to the corner office with the next governor. Neither will nativist Henry Gardner, who rode an anti-immigrant wave to power as the state's only Know-Nothing governor in 1855.

Of course, Baker couldn't go wrong by hanging the picture of a former governor who was also one of the nation's founders, such as Samuel Adams or John Hancock. The former was honored by Michael Dukakis; the latter was the pick of Edward J. King.

But a shrewder choice would be the 1925 Edmund Charles Tarbell oil of Calvin Coolidge. It's a splendid portrait of a splendid governor — a leader as renowned for his competence and fiscal prudence as for his courage and political skills.

Coolidge was one of the greatest vote-getters in Massachusetts history, and his most famous speech — "Have Faith in Massachusetts" — remains well worth consulting, especially by a governor-elect who summarizes his vision as "Let's be great again, Massachusetts."

Besides, Coolidge is the only Massachusetts governor who became president. If that's not a decor recommendation, what is?
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United but Divided

United But Divided from the Warning Signs by Alan Caruba at Facts-not-Fantasy

Know Caruba's Warning Signs at Facts-Not-Fantasy

The nation united to celebrate Thanksgiving, but as anyone who follows the polls can confirm, it is sharply divided. In many ways, half of those polled see America opposite to the other half.

In early November the Associated Press reported on a survey of 20,168 voters by Edison Research. It included results from interviews as voters left a random sample of 281 precincts on Election Day, November 4. As we know, the results of the election have been interpreted as a sharp rebuke to President Obama and the Democratic Party. Power in the Senate shifted to the Republican Party that also gained more seats in the House and added to the number of governors, bringing them to 29 of the 50 states.

For conservatives that is very good news. Politically Democrats feel so endangered that one of its top voices, Sen. Chuck Schumer of New York just announced that passing ObamaCare was a big mistake, noting that the Party should have focused on the economy.

That is an extraordinary confession and one that abandons the President whose name is associated with the Affordable Care Act. The Democratic Party has been captured by the far Left, but Schumer seemed to be saying it has to move more to the center if it has any hope in the 2016 elections.

The Associated Press reported that “Fifty-four percent of those who voted for Democrats said the country is headed in the right direction, while 88 percent of Republican voters think it’s on the wrong track.” One has to wonder how anyone could learn that one-out-of-five Americans on Thanksgiving Day was using food stamps and conclude this reflects the right direction.

On November 7 The Washington Post reported “With 214,000 jobs added in October, the unemployment rate ticked down to 5.8 percent, the lowest level in six years, even as more workers entered the job market.” The official unemployment rate is widely believed to be half of what the actual rate is nationwide after one factors in data the bureaucrats ignore or fudge.

Not surprisingly, “Nearly 9 in 10 of those who voted for Republicans think the economy is in bad shape, compared with just over half of Democratic voters.” Here again, the difference is perceptions is dramatic with conservatives having a more realistic point of view, but if more than half the Democratic voters think the economy is bad, that suggests the 2016 elections may reflect the recent midterms.

In some ways the AP poll depicted a difference based on what one might deem a more “mature” take on the state of the nation as opposed to those who ignore its problems to hold a more hopeful one, even if the facts do not support that judgement. “Sixty-four percent of Republican voters, but only 30 percent of Democratic voters, think life for the next generation of Americans will be worse than life today.”

The failure to embrace reality over propaganda was dramatically demonstrated by a question about climate change generated a response of “86 percent of those who backed Democrats” calling it “a serious problem”, while two-thirds of Republican voters said it was not.

This means that 19 years into a planetary cooling cycle and a winter that has arrived a month early this year, Democratic voters—liberals—still cling to the belief that climate change, instead of reflecting the lower radiation levels of the Sun, is caused by human activity that generates a trace gas called carbon dioxide, all 0.04% of it in the atmosphere.

In a world where every day brings news of Islamic barbarism in the Middle East and Africa, “only 6 in 10 Democratic voters said they were worried by the threat of terrorism, while “8 in 10 Republican voters” took the threat seriously.

There are social differences between Republicans and Democrats. Of the Republican voters, 87% percent were white, while 61% of voters backing Democratic candidates were; 70% of Republican voters were married, compared with 55% of Democratic ones.

There were other differences among the two sets of voters, but suffice to say that each group lives in its own version of America and there are major gaps in their perception of the nation and the world.

The election reflected that a large portion of the voters demonstrated they prefer a conservative approach to government. If that trend continues—and it likely will—the 2016 elections will represent a major change from the two terms of President Obama and a rejection of his domestic and foreign policies.

Until then America will remain a nation divided politically and, given our diversity, within many social groups defined by gender, race, wealth, and age. Demography, the study of population, suggests that Americans are growing older in larger numbers than other subsets.

Those “old folks” may just be the deciding factor in coming elections.
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Big wind wants another taxpayer bailout

TAXPAYER ALERT: Big Wind is pressing Congress for yet another bailout by Mary Kay Barton

Taxpayers beware! While you were sleeping, enjoying your family and eating turkey, Congress has been busy.

Congressional Republicans are negotiating with Senate Democrats to extend the infamous wind energy Production Tax Credit through to 2017, after which it will supposedly be phased out, just as was supposed to happen in the past. This sneaky, dark-of-night “lame duck” session tactic should be flatly rejected.

While you’ve been busy just trying to make ends meet, wondering why the cost of everything is going up, and agonizing over how your children and grandchildren will ever pay the mounting $18 TRILLION dollar national debt – the wind industry lobbyists’ group, the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), just sent Congress a letter seeking to extend the federal, taxpayer-funded wind Production Tax Credit (PTC).

The list of signers to AWEA’s letter include rent-seeking industries and “green” groups who’ve all benefitted by tapping into taxpayers’ wallets via the Big Wind PTC (aka: Pork-To-Cronies). It certainly isn’t hard to figure out why these corporations pay many millions of dollars to hire lobbyists and run national TV advertising campaigns geared at convincing crony-politicians to vote to continue these TAXES and higher energy prices on American citizens.

AWEA’a letter is typical of wind industry propaganda. It makes specious claims about creating jobs and reducing pollution, without providing a shred of evidence to PROVE any of their claims. AWEA apparently hopes Congressional officials are “too stupid” to understand what energy-literate citizens nationwide know:
Industrial wind can NEVER provide reliable power. It raises electricity costs, even after subsidies are factored in. It kills more jobs than it creates. It defiles wildlife habitats and kills eagles, hawks, other birds and bats – with no penalties to Big Wind operators.
Here’s the reality: After 22+ years of picking U.S. taxpayers’ and ratepayers’ pockets, industrial wind has NOT significantly reduced carbon dioxide emissions. It has not replaced any conventional power plants, anywhere. However, the $Trillions spent on these “green” boondoggles to date have significantly added to the $18+ TRILLION dollar debt that our children and grandchildren will have to bear.

AWEA’s own statements from years and decades past can be used against them. To cite just one example, 31 years ago, a study coauthored by the AWEA stated:

The private sector can be expected to develop improved solar and wind technologies which will begin to become competitive and self-supporting on a national level by the end of the decade if assisted by tax credits and augmented by federally sponsored R&D.

[American Wind Energy Association, et al. Quoted in Renewable Energy Industry, Joint Hearing before the Subcommittees of the Committee on Energy and Commerce et al., House of Representatives, 98th Cong., 1st sess. Washington, DC: Government Printing Office, 1983, p. 52.]

In other words, the PTC should have ended 20 years ago, because wind energy would be self-sustaining by then. It wasn’t. It still isn’t. It never will be. We need to pull the PTC plug now!

Here are some details about the bill that is currently being negotiated during the lame duck session –before the newly elected, Republican majority Senate takes office and can do much about it.

In 2016, wind developers would be eligible for 80% percent of the PTC's value. They could also claim 60% of its value through the first nine months of 2017, after which it would supposedly expire.

The proposed congressional deal also seems to continue basing PTC eligibility on when project construction project begins. That opens huge doors for abuse.

The last time Congress extended the PTC, as part of its “fiscal cliff” deal in 2013, it said “eligibility” for taxpayer largesse covered projects “under construction,” rather than requiring that they be “placed in service” by a certain date. In practice, this means just a shovelful of dirt has to be moved by that date.

Remember too that the Production Tax Credit supposedly expired last year. But this clever language has allowed construction and expansion in the meantime. Meanwhile, Lois Lerner’s Internal Revenue Service has helpfully said projects that were started or “safe-harbored” prior to the PTC’s most recent pseudo-expiration can claim tax credits if they are in service by 2015. And then they can claim the $23-per-MWh credit for ten more years!

What a wonderful holiday gift for Big Wind and its political sponsors – at your expense.

Our government should NOT be in the business of picking and choosing the winners and losers in the energy marketplace – while assaulting and harming the very citizens they are forcing to pay for this “green” energy scam. It’s time for government to get out of the way and let the markets work!

The best solutions will rise to the top of their own accord because they will provide modern power at the best prices – thereby maintaining the reliable, affordable power that has made America great.

Citizens nation-wide have awakened to this massive “green” energy scam. Many have sent letters to Congress like the one below. You can join the fight by contacting your representatives and urging them to do the right thing: Protect American consumers, taxpayers and ratepayers.

END Wind Welfare (#EndWindWelfare)!

Here’s a sample letter that you can use or modify:
Citizens’ Plea - DO NOT RESUSCITATE the Wind Energy Production Tax Credit

Dear Senator or Congressman:

We, the undersigned, join millions of U.S. taxpayers & ratepayers nationwide in urging you and your colleagues to eliminate the 22-year old wind Production Tax Credit (PTC).

You should know by now that wind energy is a net technical, economic and environmental loser. Why would we want to waste more $Billions of taxpayers’ hard-earned money on a net loser?

The addition of industrial wind in the United States has not reduced our need to maintain and build reliable generation, nor does it add materially to our job force. Because wind energy is so diffuse, unreliable and volatile, it can never supply the reliable, affordable electric generating capacity that our modern society demands. Instead, it creates unprecedented industrial sprawl that is responsible for massive habitat fragmentation, species decline, and the wonton slaughter of countless birds and bats.

By forcing gigantic wind turbines on entire communities where only a few benefit, it has devastated civility in targeted townships, and destroyed rural heritage as landscapes are forever changed.

Renewable energy tax policy has also fostered a generation of developers bent on sticking turbines on every free acre that has transmission access, no matter who is in the way. It is simply unconscionable that, to date, no U.S. elected official has called for appropriate health studies to protect the health, safety and welfare of U.S. citizens who are suffering as a result of living within the sprawling footprints of industrial wind factories. As a result, it’s no surprise that more than twelve active lawsuits are pending against wind projects in as many states, with many more sure to follow.

The issues surrounding wind power expansion also impact energy prices and disrupt otherwise functional markets. The PTC provides project owners with a significant out-of-market revenue source, which invokes predatory pricing practices that unfairly harm the economics of reliable generators. In fact, at 2.3¢/kWh, the subsidy's pre-tax value (3.5¢/kWh) equals, or exceeds the wholesale price of power in much of the country.

There is no justification for a government program that manipulates and harms otherwise healthy, competitive businesses for the benefit of a few.

After 22-years of tax credits, the business of Big Wind is not about energy production. It is about tax avoidance and tax subsidies. Warren Buffet recently reminded us that wind investment makes no sense without the handouts from taxpayers. Wind energy will never be competitive with the price of the fuel it saves, and would not exist but for the PTC.

After more than two decades, the wind industry is well situated to stand on its own without the PTC. It is unreasonable to continue to force taxpayers to support it. Your constituents know it, and you should, too.

This is why we respectfully request that Congress resist any temptation to reinstate the expired PTC or associated investment tax credit (ITC).

Respectfully submitted,


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Thursday, November 27, 2014

A Thanksgiving Day Prayer

" A Thanksgiving Day Prayer" 

Dear God, to you we pray . . .
On this precious Thanksgiving day;
That every breathing and thriving creature . . .
Living and roaming;
On this wondrous earth you created . . .
Will be blessed and fulfilled;
With the grace and warmth . . .
Only you can bestow on our hearts!
Protect our country . . .
Our troops and their families;
Every man woman and child . . .
Along with the entire planet;
So we can all feel . . .
True love and peace;
Towards our fellow human beings . . .
No matter what race, creed;
Political party or religion they may be . . .
Now, always and forever, Amen!
We thank and praise you Lord . . .
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A Thanksgiving Greeting from KAHI Radio

Let's be Thankful from the files of Mary Jane Popp at KAHI Radio

Mary Jane Popp and KAHI Radio in Sacramento, CA Wish You a Happy Thanksgiving

It’s gonna’ be turkey and all the trimmings from cranberries to pumpkin pie. It’s gonna’ be football to the max and family and friends gathering together to party hearty on a day off! That’s what Thanksgiving means to most folks.

So, I went in search of some of our favorite Radio and TV personalities to find out what they are thankful for. You would think it’s the glamour of being on the air and folks fawning all over them because of what they do, but you might be surprised!

Dan Elliott ~ Anchor KXTV “News 10 Good Morning” told me.

“First and foremost, I am thankful for a great family…the best wife a man could ask for and three wonderful sons who bring so much joy to my heart.

Second, I’m thankful to be living where I am…I have never lived outside California, and if all goes to plan, that will never change.

And third, I’m thankful to be doing what I love and to be getting paid to do it. I love the news and the people I work with, so even though it’s a job, it is also a pleasure most of the time.”

Big Jim Hall ~ Afternoon Air Personality 101.5 KHITS Radio has a sad yet hopeful message

“Having lost my wife and one of my brothers in the last two years, I have reflected on many things. I find that I am most thankful for those family members and good friends that still surround me. I try to be more appreciative of the here and now, taking in all I can. Love on those near you and thank God daily for your blessings.”

Bob Stephenson ~ Afternoon News Anchor AM-950 KAHI Radio.

”In this time of Thanksgiving, I am thankful that I am now back near my family…kids and grandkids…especially during the holiday season. There is no greater gift than that of family.

Kitty O’Neal ~ AM/FM Afternoon Anchor KFBK Radio shared this with me.

“As time goes by, I see the importance of being grateful for even the small, seemingly insignificant things in life that we often take for granted. So, to chronicle my gratitude list would be unwieldy! But suffice to say, I carry deep thanks in my heart for family and friends, for the ideals upon which this country was founded, for the good I see expressed every day, and for God.

Jeanne Marie ~ Media/Political Make-Up Artist who has worked on some really famous faces told me

 “I am grateful for another beautiful day in all kinds of weather; bright and sunny, or cloudy and rainy. I’m grateful for the incredible art displays painted across our skies, and for flowers, trees, and nature. But, I am also so grateful for being happy and joyful, because for just merely that statement of acknowledgement and gratitude, it draws more of it to you.”

Casey Freelove ~ Show Host/Production Director AM 950 KAHI Radio has thanks.

“This year, I am thankful for good friends, my Mom (who is my biggest supporter) and to have a job that I love. I am thankful to live in the greatest country in the world. On Thanksgiving Day, I am thankful for Dallas Cowboys football, turkey, and all the fixings.”

You see what I mean?

Thanksgiving is family and friends and love to all is what they all care about. Okay, I know you want to know what I am thankful for too.

Simply put…The love of my husband of 43 years, still having a loving brother and sister-in-law, talking with you every day on the News and POPPOFF on AM-950 KAHI Radio, and to genuinely know that I may be changing lives for the better for lots of folks with what I do.

Love trumps all. Happy Thanksgiving!

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Thanks But . . .

Thanks, But . . . from Warning Signs by Alan Caruba at Facts-not-Fantasy

Be Aware of the Caruba's Warning Signs

I know that Thanksgiving is the day we are all supposed to review a list of all the things for which we should be thankful and surely each of us has a list, usually family and friends, and, patriotically, for being Americans.

What makes this Thanksgiving different from those that have proceeded it is the reminder from President Obama that, in his opinion, America is not exceptional and, presumably, that means neither are we. I don’t think this nation has ever celebrated Thanksgiving when its President did not like America. We’ve had six Thanksgivings with Obama and each one has given us less for which to be thankful in terms of the economy and our national security.

Consider the vast unemployment that exists nationwide thanks to his failure to bring an end to the Great Recession. Forty million will use food stamps to put food on the table. Nearly half of all Americans are receiving government benefits that are paid for by those thankful to have a job. Thanks to ObamaCare millions lost their healthcare plans and millions more will in 2015. There is nothing “affordable” in the Affordable Care Act including the billion dollars spent on its website.

I think this Thanksgiving Day will have a different mood for the many Americans, especially who did not vote for President Obama or the Democratic Party. It is astounding to me that somewhere around 47% of those who presumably voted for him say they approve of his performance in office.

After election results that rejected him and his party, Obama has told them that he is more interested in what the two-thirds of voters in the last election who stayed home had to say. He “heard” them, too. He apparently did not hear what those who voted to give power in the Senate to the GOP while adding more Republicans in the House had to say.

Anyone paying any attention for the past six years knows that he doesn’t much care what any of us say and never has.

He believes his job is to “transform” a nation that did not need any transforming. America was and is a beacon of freedom to the world. That beacon, however, has grown dim for our allies whose leaders can no longer trust him. It has become clear to our enemies that they can do what they want without paying a price.

To drive home that message, he has been reducing our military to pre-World War II levels. Reluctantly he has increased our military presence in Iraq and will maintain troops in Afghanistan after making it clear that abandoning both of those nations to the Islamists was a major element of his foreign policy; if indeed he can be said to have a foreign policy other than retreat and isolation.

Instead of addressing the growing threat of Islamic fascism, Obama is talking about “climate change” as the great threat when, except for the idiots that believe anything he says anymore, people with any intelligence knows that there is nothing anyone can do regarding the climate. The only people who believe there’s any global warming haven’t been paying any attention for the last nineteen years in which the Earth has been in a predictable, natural cooling cycle, just like the Sun.

Closer to home, the White House just released plans for 3,415 regulations, the worst of which are from the Environmental Protection Agency that is destroying our nation’s ability to generate electricity, the one energy on which we all depend. At the same time, the President has just returned from China having signed an agreement to reduce “gashouse emissions” when such a reduction has no basis in science or logic, but translates into higher costs for electricity.

A national holiday should celebrate the ideals of our founding, but this year’s Thanksgiving occurs as the federal government grows ever larger and the amount of regulation of every aspect of our lives and the economy grows with it. This is the exact opposition of what the Founding Fathers intended.

Those Founding Fathers came together to wage a revolution against England’s King George III, a monarch whose commands they did not want to obey any more. This year’s Thanksgiving occurs as Congress is being challenged by a President who wants to ignore the separation of powers in the Constitution and the limits on executive powers. His intention to alter the current immigration laws is totally unconstitutional and must be stopped by every legal means available.

This Thanksgiving America is a less free nation in which a tsunami of regulations and laws continues to reduce our fundamental freedoms. This Thanksgiving, America is a nation that is losing the respect of other nations. This Thanksgiving, we face two more years of a lawless President who threatens the Constitution.

We have two more Thanksgiving Days before we turn America around and restore it to the great nation it was.

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