Thursday, August 18, 2016

A topic the candidates need to confront

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With less then 3 months until election day, there still remains a very pressing issue that neither presidential candidate has seen the need to discuss, or confront: restoring a fiscally responsible defense structure.

The Obama administration has horribly decimated our military capability and capacity. The current state is beyond alarming, with manpower strengths reduced to early 20th century levels. While technology is a grand thing, that gap is closing, thanks to intellectual property theft, and drones are not a panacea.

Every budget dollar in the federal government is not equal, and the most important responsibility of the federal government is to protect our way of life and our national interests. But, how do we accomplish providing for the common defense with common sense?

The “nuclear option” of the sequester has had horrific consequences on our military.

Instead of this draconian avenue of approach, let me provide some common sense solutions to reduce defense spending and rebuild our military capability.

First, we must reform our defense procurement and acquisition system. This can no longer be focused on jobs in respective congressional districts.

We must identify the needs of the warfighter, as articulated by the warfighter — not the defense industry. Once those needs are identified, the systems requirements and specifications must be finalized with measures of effectiveness and firmly agreed upon timelines.

If the industry does not meet a timeline, the additional cost is subsumed by them. It is imperative that the DoD demonstrates that it has its act together before issuing an RFP (request for proposal).

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