Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Did John McCain say he was retiring?

Since earning my degree in medicine in 1996, I’ve spent my life healing the sick in private practice and in the ER. While serving as a State Senator, I continue to practice medicine in emergency departments in Lake Havasu City and Kingman.

It has been my life’s honor to represent the people of Arizona’s Fifth Legislative District as their senator.

I understand and truly appreciate the trust and support they have given me to do what is right. But when I look at what’s happening in our federal government, I know Arizonans need new representation in the U.S. Senate and that’s why I’m running.
“Arizonans are looking for a change after thirty years, and they are looking for someone who will represent them and their interests. They are looking for someone to be their voice, and I believe I can be that person.” – Kelli
Failures of leadership have led to the problems we face in our state and our country: open borders, over 90 million Americans out of work, lost insurance and skyrocketing costs under ObamaCare, and a federal budget that only goes up.

It’s time to change that.


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