Tuesday, August 2, 2016

In your face explanations

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Liberty from Tyranny is never ending. For me, my eyes were opened one night while listening to an old Ron Paul speech. I have mentioned this before, but have to admit that I only understood a fraction of what he was so eloquently explaining.

I had to study economies, history, philosophy and Theology to even start to grasp it, and eventually began to realize that I leaned toward a Libertarian stance.

This means smaller, non-intrusive government whose primary purpose is to insure both protection, and civil Liberty. He could not, however, effectively deliver that message to the American people, no matter how needed it was. A growing number of people are waking up to the fact that something is not right, but have not yet determined just what that is. Pow! Here comes Donald J. Trump.

No one in my lifetime has done more to stir the pot of our American oligarchy, with in-your- face explanations of nation and empire building, and the dangers of a corporate military industrial complex and banking system alliance that controls our Congress, then Donald Trump.

He has, without a doubt, touched the minds and hearts of many working class people, however . . . One concern, I think, goes mostly unnoticed.

What we must fight every day, without fail, is Liberty from Tyranny. A dying middle class, the destruction of civil Liberties and the shredding of our Constitution is a result of Tyranny. Many are backing Mr. Trump because they want our economy to return, and this is fine . . . but the Liberty movements' primary concern is Liberty from Tyranny.

Surely, if government got out of the way of free enterprise we would have far more opportunity for profit, and dream, but that would be after the fact, secondary, like icing on the cake.

Work for Liberty first and work to find truth.

Work to return our Civil Liberties (Bill of Rights), and insure that no one tramples on our Republic based on Constitutional Law, and the American Dream will return. ~ Ken LaRive at Facets.com

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