Monday, August 1, 2016

Collectivism vs. Tribalism

Thomas Jefferson said: "There is not a truth existing which I fear... or would wish unknown to the whole world." Yes, what a concept. Truth, in a world of lies. A world where anything goes . . .

Helping our culture to succeed is a survival technique, and cultures who have lost that ability.

Some forms of culture are not able to assimilate peacefully. They have violent invasion ingrained in the very fabric of their culture, with propped up justifications heralded by ancient religious texts.

Some are uneducated, and easily coerced to except religious interpretations as their own, by self-proclaimed religious and cultural leaders who promote their brand of action... surely, some are in the form of terrorism, but another, more subtle, can only be described as slavery of the will, where voluntary servitude originates. Both, in their own right, have no place in America.

On the other hand, some will help each other to achieve the American dream, cornering a market, like owning hotels, or to dominate an industry, like fishing or carpentry. Some cultures come here, and do this very well, winning big, according to free market capitalism and our Constitution. What makes these cultures strong is a sense of community for their individual culture, and having strong family values that prove to be unconquerable assets.

And yet there are some, who originally were brought here as slaves, and though emancipated by law, choose to serve the same progressive culture that enslaved them in the first place. They find their roots in past suffering, from Hollywood movies and music, created by the same culture that enslave their minds with an oppressive and irresponsible plantation mindset that goes all the way back to tangible chains.

They believe the lies, and eat the crumbs from the table of their enslavers, hoping for a promised present... a present that never comes. They have not yet found that nothing in life is free, that everything is possible if you reach out, that Liberty from tyranny is taking responsibility for your own life, and manifest destiny is your design...

Others hide in the folds of our society, conspire behind closed doors, and control not only the military, but the banks and international corporations who finance and arm both sides of conflict. They also vie to hold the minds of the people they have conquered in check.

They do this by controlling all information, from the rewriting of history, to the manipulation of truth in media. They are the most dangerous of all... and of all of the cultures mentioned above, all continually push to live in isolated cultural communities that deny integration and assimilation... the mixing of culture and the taboo of marriage amalgamation are only two of many separations they hold.

They create a microcosm, and some win, and others become violent cesspools of bigotry, unreasoned racism and hatred, ignoring truth for self evaluation and self-determination, revel in self-serving egotism that pass from generation to generation like a curse.

Many forms of authority have taught us that Tribalism is nonviable in a world moving toward Collectivism. This is an important concept to understand in an ever-shrinking world of clashing cultures... a world growing more violent, seemingly less tolerant of opposing points of view, and these condescension's are bringing us to the brink of another world war.

America has taken in refugees from around the world, and most try hard to retain their typical social community, and yet . . . read more at Ken LaRive's Website - Facets


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