Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Old angry white folks both win Iowa caucus

Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton Move on to Contest for Votes in New Hampshire

Republican Hispanic, Ted Cruz, won the Republican caucus against a field of other notables in Iowa turning the quest for the presidential nomination into a three man race - Cruz, Donald Trump and Marco Rubio.

Meanwhile, the two angry white folks, Socialist Bernie Sanders and Progressive Hillary Clinton continue to argue over bragging rights on the Democratic side.

That race officially is still too close to call and remains a question of policy and Democratic contention.

The presidential candidates arrived fresh from Iowa on Tuesday, joining each other in New Hampshire in a seven-day sprint to the nation’s first primary.
Facing a different set of voters and an expanded playing field on the GOP side, 2016 hopefuls are now wooing a more moderate, less religious electorate than in Iowa.

For Democrats, with former Maryland governor Martin O’Malley bowing out , the race between Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and former secretary of state Hillary Clinton has intensified after a virtual dead-heat finish in Iowa.

The Clinton campaign declared victory with all but one Iowa precinct counted. The state’s Democratic Party did not declare a winner, but it appeared that Clinton had a lock regardless of the outcome in the remaining Des Moines precinct.

“God loves the great state of Iowa,” Senator Ted Cruz (Republican -Texas) declared after the votes were tallied in Monday night’s caucuses, showing he had defeated New York businessman Donald Trump.

“Tonight is a victory for courageous conservatives, across Iowa and all across this great nation,” said Cruz.

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