Monday, February 15, 2016

Congressman Palazzo: Investing in our future

From the office of Mississippi Congressman Steven Palazzo

Congressman Palazzo
Passing of Justice Antonin Scalia
I was deeply saddened to learn of the passing of Justice Scalia yesterday. He was one of the most articulate, constitutionally sound justices of our time. My thoughts and prayers are with his family. I am thankful for the contribution he has made to our country and the integrity he showed while serving on our nation's high court.

This week the president sent over yet another reckless budget that squanders the taxpayers’ dollars toward items on his liberal agenda. Unfortunately, this comes as no surprise from a president who has continued to put politics before people for seven years now. Fortunately, thanks to the 22nd Amendment this will be the last of this president’s irresponsible budgets. That said, as a member of the House Appropriations Committee I look forward to taking our country’s financial situation seriously and producing realistic proposals that fit our budgetary constraints, provide for a strong national defense and benefit hard-working Americans.

Supreme Court Halts EPA Rule
This week the Supreme Court issued a stay to halt a major part of the administration's climate change plan to regulate carbon emissions. I applaud the Supreme Court for finally standing up to this President’s executive overreach. The EPA carbon emissions rule is yet another example of his climate change agenda being forced on the hardworking American taxpayers who ultimately would have to foot the bill to fulfill his liberal priorities.
House Republicans are fighting the President at every turn, including using the courts to fight back as an equal branch of government. It is this very reason that I introduced a resolution to censure the president for his executive overreach, and today’s Supreme Court ruling reaffirms that President Obama has overstepped the constitutional bounds of his authority.

South Mississippi
Monday was a big day for our State and specifically for South Mississippi as Edison Chouest Offshore made an official announcement that they are locating their new shipbuilding operations, TopShip, LLC, at the Port of Gulfport. The new operation will create 1,000 new jobs for South Mississippians. Edison Chouest and TopShip are looking at the future. They are investing in our future. It’s a testament to their belief in our country and in our workforce here on the Gulf Coast.

I also commend Governor Bryant on all of the hard work he put into making this a reality. South Mississippi builds the world’s finest warships, we test engines for the world’s finest spaceships, and now I’m proud to say we’ll be building some of the world’s finest commercial ships.

Last weekend I was honored to be a part of the Mississippi Air National Guard’s promotion ceremony for Paul Drake to the rank of Colonel.

I’ve known Paul since when we were part of the 1987 St. John’s High School run to the 2 A Football State Championship—The glory days!

He has an excellent military service record and has made us all very proud. I know he will serve honorably as the commander of the Combat Readiness Training Center.

Congratulations Colonel Paul Drake! Your comments are always welcome and you can contact Congressman Palazzo on facebook, twitter or by visiting his website.

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