Saturday, February 20, 2016

To millennials considering Bernie Sanders

An Open Letter to Millennials Considering Bernie Sanders from Dan Bongino at The Conservative Review

I understand that you are both anxious and frustrated. Anxious, because both the economy, and your job prospects, are struggling right now. Frustrated, because the legions of promises made to you by politicians from members of both political parties have amounted to nothing but fast-talk.

You are right to be anxious about the future, and to be frustrated by the present.

But, I'm pleading with you to consider what candidates such as Bernie Sanders are selling you. I was always taught to be skeptical of people who speak as if they have all of the answers, and I'm guessing that you were taught the same.
With that in mind, doesn't it make you suspicious that Bernie Sanders has an easy "answer" to all of your concerns, and the answer is the same to every question?

Do you have concerns about your job future? Bernie's answer is "More government spending." But, we have spent unprecedented amounts of tax-payer money over the past 7 years (almost 10 trillion in NEW debt) and we still have a historic 94 million Americans out of work.

Additionally, according to Louis Woodhill writing at Real Clear Markets, "The 'headline' (U-3) unemployment rate has fallen by almost half (from 9.5% to 4.9%) since the end of the last recession.

However, almost all (92.2%) of the reported improvement has been the result of workers withdrawing from the labor force. Only 7.8% of the gain was produced by actual job creation."

Do you have concerns about your healthcare? Bernie's answer is "More government healthcare spending, and a government-takeover of the healthcare system."

But, after Obamacare's dramatic expansion of government-controlled healthcare in the form of Medicaid, we STILL have millions of uninsured Americans with healthcare premiums all over the country rising by double-digits.

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Dan Bongino is the bestselling author of the book Life Inside the Bubble and now The Fight. He is a Contributing Editor at Conservative Review and was the 2012 and 2014 Republican nominee for the United States Senate and 6th congressional district in Maryland. Dan served for over a decade as a special agent in the United States Secret Service, and currently owns a security consulting business. 

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