Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Winter ice path - Illegals easily enter Detroit

From the files of Hank Richards, editor at Truth Serum and PRonlineNews ***

Frozen Detroit River with Canada and U.S. Highlighted at Belle Isle

When the Governor of the State of Michigan, Rick Snyder, said 'bring on those Syrian refugees - we'll take 10,000 of them,' he really meant it because the Federal Refugee Resettlement Program pays dollar sums per head and the funds received have no restrictions on their use. Some might say it sounds like Snyder was putting in an order for slaves?

Click here for more information and fact sheets in eight languages (plus English), and special information for LGBT asylees.

Governor Snyder recently changed his mind about the Syrian refugees when his office was inundated with citizen calls and state politicians protested that the refugees could not be vetted to insure the safety of state residents.

The City of Hamtramack, Mayor Karen Majewski, said 'we used to have a population of about 45,000 people but it has dwindled leaving us room for about 20,000 and we don't care where they migrate from.'

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Hamtramack adjoins Detroit, Michigan and is the first known U.S. city to have a majority of Muslims elected to its city council. It is now nicknamed "Shariaville" - a name that gets reinforced every time the 'call to prayer' echoes across the loud speakers from the numerous mosques in the city.

Detroit City Mayor Mike Duggan's office refused to answer any of our questions on immigration even when we provided the questions staged for an interview with the mayor.

Our bottom line was that Truth Serum already knew the answers since Detroit is a sanctuary city and will protect its residents even if they entered the city illegally.

Canada's Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, put out the welcome mat for refugees and some estimates reveal that Canada will take in as many as 20,000 by the end of February, 2016.

What happens in February of each year along the north border of Canada and the U.S. - well, the St. Clair and Detroit Rivers plus the St. Lawrence Seaway as well as Lake Ontario tributaries freeze over and provide border crossings as close as 1/2 mile in some places along the waterways.

Ariel View of the Windsor-Detroit-Hamtramack Connection 

Can an illegal border crossing occur in Detroit? Certainly! All a refugee has to do is walk across the ice from Windsor to the sanctuary city of Detroit. By continuing another 3 miles to Hamtramack, the refugee is almost a resident of a U.S. city run by a Muslim government.

Upon registration as a refugee and guaranteed domicile by the participating municipality, that person entering the U.S. illegally is entitled under law to food, health insurance, education and a place to live while you pay the bill through your tax dollars.

So how feasible is this notion to walk across the frozen waterways?

During Prohibition the supply of alcohol from Ohio dried up. Bootleggers turned to Canada which had favorable liquor laws.

Smugglers began trafficking bootlegged liquor across the Canadian border and into Michigan via the Detroit River, Lake St. Clair, and other waterways between Michigan and Ontario, an area which became known as the “Windsor/Detroit Funnel.”

When the rivers and lakes froze in February, smugglers simply drove across them or skated across the ice, dragging sleds full of whiskey behind. By the time Prohibition took effect nationally, the residents of Michigan and Ontario were well versed in bootlegging, and they perfected their trade during the next 13 years.

Seventy-five percent of all the alcohol smuggled into the United States during Prohibition crossed the border at the Windsor/Detroit Funnel. By 1929 rum running was Detroit’s second largest industry, netting $215 million per year in 1929 dollars.

What will 2016 bring in terms of immigration to the U.S.? No one knows for sure but it seems to have body trafficking written all over it. You need only to do the logical thing - Follow The Money.

What will the responsible state leadership do about intended illegal migration?

Nothing because they will eventually get paid their finders fee, courtesy of the tax payer, per head for each refugee that is registered.

What is the outcome for the refugees . . . they become a burden of the state and federal government and that means you get to support them with your tax dollars and can't even claim them as an exemption when your tax filing date rolls around in April.

*** Editors note - when the basis for this story was presented to each identified government official in December, they all refused comments and quotes.

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