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America in a Fee-Fall

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In the fray of heated debates prior to the next election, few of the candidates mention the need to bring manufacturing back to our shores, and there are several very powerful reasons why. To understand this we must comprehend the definitions of two thought processes, globalization and outsourcing.

Globalization is the increase of services, labor, technology, and central banking capital all around the world. Outsourcing is a company who sees both production and profit potential offshore, like Japan, China, South Vietnam, South Korea, and Mexico. This production is taken from our shores, and exported to another, primarily because it is more lucrative to do so.

Note that almost all of these countries were conquests of war, some economically and some by violence, and saying it is all just an accident seems naive in the extreme. As these countries are initially occupied, there is opportunism there not allowed in the US, like child labor laws, unions, safety, with a populous of what can only be considered slave labor, willing to work for a fraction of an American worker.
At the very beginning of this process, just after WW2, trade barriers were lifted to gain access to these market potentials, and as factories closed down here in America, new and shiny manufacturing facilities were created there, to sell its wears back to the biggest middle-class market on earth, us. This trend is escalating at the very peril of our American economic strength, and the following will explain why.

With an unaccountable Federal Reserve printing money out of thin air, we have gone from about 6 trillion in the last four months of Bush’s term in 2007, to 19 trillion as of today, January 2016, It is time, and way overdue, to take note and stock of this formidable situation that can end America. If we cannot curb this spending, it will be the death of us as a nation. First, let us consider that Fort Knox has not been audited in fifty years.

The gold stockpiled there should belong to we the people, but that is no longer the case. Even the gold in the Twin towers has never been found, and this should be on the minds of every America, as it is the difference between a viable and sovereign nation, and one being dismantled in debt slavery. By law, the Federal Reserve is forbidden to own assets, so why are they holding gold in their vaults?

Try for a moment, to put this into perspective. In 2007, that 6 trillion was the accumulation of all national debt since 1776. And now, in just a few short years, we owe an international banking cartel 19 trillion. Ignorance is bliss, here in America, and we live our lives without regard for tomorrow, so trusting because we have been collectively breed to trust, and not ask questions.

This is America, home of the free and land of the brave, after all, and besides, we have Constitutional Law. What we have, instead, is an Oligarchy, and yet most everyone has never heard of that word before.

” With the birth of the North American Free Trade Agreement in 1994, Mexico became a major recipient of outsourced U.S. manufacturing jobs. Mexico is now a global leader in auto parts manufacturing and one of the world’s largest tv set producers. Now, with the startup of the Central American Free Trade Area (cafta) this January, analysts are anticipating another exodus of U.S. jobs to south of the border.

U.S. household names such as Dell, ibm, Sara Lee/Hanes and Maytag have already been moving business into the Central American region.” -Robert Morley, Feburary 2006, Trumpet, The death of Manufacturing. Ford is going too…

The auto industry is just one example of the downfall of American manufacturing in the last two decades. Though the numbers are staggering, they are also not readily available, or seemingly accurate. It is estimated that we have lost between three and four million jobs just since 1998.

What are the effects on an economy like Pittsburgh, once vibrant and productive, when an industrial giant like Bethlehem steel, with thousands of employees lost their pensions, and life savings?

Between 1950 and 2000, we have lost almost a half million jobs just to the metals industry alone. From 2000 to 2003, 149,000 more jobs vaporized, but the metals industry is just one of many. Levi Strass closed the last of its more than 60 manufacturing facilities, as reported by Times, London, January 10, 2004.

“Historically, manufacturing, exporting and direct investment produced prosperity through income creation” (April 4, 2003). America’s wealth grew when profits from domestic manufacturing were reinvested into buildings, machinery and technological change. But now outsourcing is diverting that income to foreigners.

“America may gain access to cheaper products through outsourcing, but it also comes with attendant problems, including a downward pressure on wages. Laid-off manufacturing laborers are largely switching into lower-paying jobs in the service industry.

Where they once made an average of $51,000 annually, they now make $16,000 in leisure and hospitality, $33,000 in health care, or $39,000 in construction (Seattle Times, op. cit). In 2004, average employee compensation in the U.S. fell for the first time in 14 years.”

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