Friday, September 9, 2016

'The Charisma Code' by Mary Jane Popp

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Charisma. Do we really know what it is?

We do know some people have it and let’s be honest, others lack the “it” factor. As we inch closer and closer to choosing a President, there’s one question we should be asking, “Do Americans pick candidates based on their personality and charisma or their policy and platform?”

Non-verbal communication specialist, cultural anthropologist, and author of “The Charisma Code,” Robin Sol Lieberman takes s stab at what makes each candidate attractive to supporters and how we all have different codes of appeal within us.

You can even assess your own charisma type in life, love and business. Robin breaks them down into charisma colors…Green, Orange, Red, and Blue for the candidates we have been dealing with. We’ve all seen and heard about experts analyzing body language in court.

How does that transfer to the campaign trail? Here are some pertinent characteristics.

HILLARY CLINTON - Green Charisma (Matches Oprah’s type) Strong, resourceful, respectful, smooth, sincere, cool, heavy, empowering, experienced, self-assured, level, predictable, intellectual, steady, fixed, competent.

DONALD TRUMP - Orange Charisma (Matches Einstein’s type) Eccentric, unconventional, flexible, spontaneous, inspired, open, intelligent, skillful, unique, strange, different, odd, wild, unfixed, free, genius, risk-taker, novel, big-thinker, visionary, creative, careless, instinctual. Need to include a couple of additional politicos who have influence this election like…

BERNIE SANDERS - Red Charisma (Matches Martin Luther King Jr’s type) Revolutionary, authentic, radical, responsive, real, courageous, contrary, passionate, fearless, direct, forward, all-in, uncompromising, bold, willful, convinced, firm.

BARACK OBAMA - Blue Charisma (Matches Marilyn Monroe’s type) Cool, charming, enchanting, smooth, receptive, attractive, magnetic, reserved, modest, enjoyable, hypnotic, melodic, nurturing, calm, responsive.

In her book, Robin debunks charisma as an elusive quality reserved for only “special people.” She sheds light on charisma as an innate power, a force that infuses the most basic communication and gestures with passion and purpose, magnetically attracting people and opportunities. “Charisma is the currency of connection,” she told me on POPPOFF.

She added, “Charisma inspires engagement, motivates teams, and elicits commitment. It opens doors, dissolves borders, and makes any culture feel like home. According to Robin, “The people who are the best connectors are often the biggest influences, and those who influence culture change the world.

Robin left her California home when she was only 16 with a mission to travel the world, experience a diversity of cultures, and develop global relationships.

Without being able to speak the languages, she started her worldwide journey in Kenya, and went on to Nepal, Sumatra, Sulawesi, Bali, and Nicaragua, among other places. At every stop, she was struck by a powerful force for connecting without words: Charisma.

She also believes everyone can tap into this soul force. She breaks down this Charisma code into three components…Confidence, Magnetism, and Connection.

As an advisor who works beside representatives of the United Nations, Robin Sol shares how charisma supports the U.N.’s new 17 sustainable development goals which frame global focus over the next 15 years and include:
An end to poverty and zero hunger, ensuring responsible consumption and production, as well as decent work and economic growth for all, quality education and gender equality, clean water and sanitation, and widespread improvements in industry, innovation, and infrastructure. 
It’s called “The Charisma Code,” Communicating in a language beyond words.

From the files of Mary Jane Popp at KAHI Radio in Sacramento, California


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