Friday, September 9, 2016

Congressman Brooks calls for 'Fair Tax'

Brooks Calls on the Speaker to Grow the Economy and Pass the Fair Tax

Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks, joined Georgia Congressman Rob Woodall and other colleagues in a special order on the House floor to express support for H.R. 25, the FairTax Act. Led by Rep. Woodall, the group urged Speaker Ryan to bring this important legislation to the House floor for a vote.

Congressman Brooks said, “I cannot emphasize enough the detrimental impact America’s complicated tax code has on our economy, and the burden it creates for taxpayers and job creators alike. As such, I strongly support Representative Rob Woodall’s FairTax Act, to abolish the federal income tax, employment tax, and estate and gift tax, and replace them with a national sales tax and ‘prebate’ that eliminates the effect of sales taxes on low income families.”

Brooks concluded, “Businesses and families know how to best spend their hard-earned money – we need a system that puts power back in the hands of the taxpayer, not government bureaucrats. The FairTax proposal makes this possible. In particular it eliminates the income tax and stops the federal government snooping into American citizens’ incomes, savings, and bank accounts, while still producing the revenue needed to fund the federal government.”


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