Friday, September 23, 2016

Has Trump really created a movement?

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Has Donald Trump created a new movement in America? There is no doubt he has successfully marketed to parts of America that feel neglected, abandoned and even abused by the government and the political parties.

Trump has either created a cult of personality or a movement. The burning question is, why is this so important and if this is a movement, what happens next?

There are two possibilities here and I’m not sure I can tell you which one is the outcome. The first is that all Trump is, is a cult of personality. To say that is dangerous to a frail and dying Republic is an understatement.

But let’s assume for a moment that Trump has launched a movement and let’s assume that movement is now going to take him to the White House.

What does a President Trump do?

If President Trump believes he has created a movement and does not want that movement to turn on him, there is one thing he should and must do. I don’t know if anyone has suggested this and the really funny thing is, it is in his wheelhouse.

If Trump has really launched a movement, then he needs to go after the left the way he goes after his other perceived enemies. The left is an existential enemy to the Republic and to liberty. Trump needs to drop his attacks on Ted Cruz and the other NEVER TRUMP Republicans, because they are not the enemy.

The left is the enemy.

Black Lives Matters is the obvious first target for a Trump Department of Justice to go after. They are a terrorist group, as America has witnessed time and time again. The latest incident occurred in Charlotte, North Carolina, where 12 officers were injured as a result of rioting. There is more than enough evidence to convict the BLM leaders of conspiracy and other charges.

One of the things that outrages Trump supporters the most is the way the government abuses citizens. This was one of the issues that triggered the Tea Party in 2009. Trump supporters love to share the meme online that 25% or 50% of government employees will quit if Trump is elected.

Why not help them out the door?

The government bureaucracy class is the enemy of Trump. One of the things Trump could do to bring the Never Trump conservatives on board is to commit to destroying the bureaucracy. Stop hiring government employees. Start eliminating departments of the government.

The left controls the bureaucracy and they will do everything in their power to stop Donald Trump, if he becomes President. So why should he tolerate them?

If Trump is really a movement and not just a cult of personality, his team needs to destroy the left in America. That means destroying the ability of the left to use government to oppress real Americans. That means eliminating the funding mechanisms in the government that keep the left in business. Democrats never show mercy to their opponents. Republicans are satisfied when they win the battle. They leave their opponents intact to fight back.

At this point, it is probably a safe bet that Trump is going to win the election. That is the reality those of us who still do not support him have to realize. The real question for the future is what will Trump do?

If America is to survive, he needs to use this movement to destroy the left.

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