Sunday, September 4, 2016

Not the same game as '83

Equity markets managed to edge higher in spite of a hodgepodge of challenges this second quarter, 2016. Some have suggested that equity values were propped up by stable oil prices, with continued improvements in housing, consumption, and of course overt government spending.

Yes, the national debt continued to rise, printing money out of thin air, and though some said oil prices were stable, to me, flat does not mean strength.

We need at least $65 per bbl, with a stability of at least six months for investment of any significance to return. $45 just won't cut it, and Saudi is still flooding the market with cheap oil.

They hope to damage Iran, China, and Russia... but it isn't the same game as in 1983, and unless someone comes along with business savvy as our Commander in Chief, we will all lose.

Iran wasn't a viable player back then, still reeling from The Shaw, our puppet dictator, and the Leviathan, British Petroleum, who grew as fat as a tick steeling their primary natural resource, oil and gas, creating a church state eventually powerful enough to fight back.

This time around, our new "axis of evil," are bypassing the Central Banking Cartel by doing deals in Gold. Amazing how our current enemies are the ones who oppose central banking, and we are collectively propelled into another war.

In the process of these big boy games, our North American Oil Patch infrastructure is dissolving, with massive layoffs that will take years to recover. People power will have to be retrained, from the wide assortment of engineers to the army of worker bees, and as this is devastating to both families and our economy, it is also grossly unreported... from the Midwest, to the Rockies and the Deep South.

If it wouldn't be for Texas' diversity, people giving up working for a living, and a growing government, job growth, as reported by Obama, would be a negative.

Yes, a Progressive mindset, on both sides of Washington's dog and pony show.

Here is a short history of Iran, and how we helped to create what it is today . . . Read more from Ken LaRive at Facets


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