Saturday, September 10, 2016

Congressman Brooks - Senior Guardian Award

Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks was presented “The Guardian of Seniors’ Rights” award by the 60 Plus Association for his commitment to America’s seniors and fiscally responsible legislative initiatives in the 114th Congress.

In an awards ceremony in the Nation’s Capital 60 Plus Chairman Jim Martin said, “We seniors felt we should show our gratitude to dedicated lawmakers like Mo Brooks who show compassion towards the elderly by pledging to:

1) Always protect Medicare

2) Always protect Social Security

3) Just as importantly, to vote against wasteful spending of our tax dollars, excessive spending that has our government now borrowing over 40 cents of every dollar it needs to pay its bills.

Seniors have to balance their budgets and so should our government.”

Congressman Brooks said,
“I’m grateful for the work done by the 60 Plus Association advocating on issues that impact our nation’s seniors, and all generations, and was pleased to be recognized for my efforts in the 114th Congress. 
I remain committed to fighting wasteful Washington spending, while protecting our obligations to our elderly who have done so much to make America a great nation.”


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