Thursday, September 15, 2016

Assimilation into the collective

Our dwindling attention span

It is said that the number of people who can read are shrinking along with attention span. That small bits of information are all most people can assimilate these days, and few recognize this new trend, or even have the ability to reason why it is happening.

In the media, both speculation and truth are treated as one flash in the pan, as another fire is lit to grab attention from another, and because of this scientifically formulated method of media-message, a viable decision cannot be formulated by the average person.

That is exactly the rationale; our subliminal enslavement complete… And what could be more horrible to the human spirit, but a slave who thinks he is liberated…

We have been taught a new human mindset, and now that we are almost completely acclimated, we move collectively from one meaningless bite to another, more pressing and sparkling… a directed meme, a one-liner quip, a punch line and intro in the same sentence… all manifesting in a dark plasma of bite-sized texts and 15 second spots.

Indeed, we sit on the knife’s-edge of the greatest information era in the recorded history of humankind, and yet we sink into the abyss as the most uninformed culture on earth. Uninformed, because truth does not belong to us… Truth belongs to the power elite.

We have developed what at first glance is insuperable ego, with no standard bigger than our immediate propinquity, but this is an illusion. What we have, well hidden, is the inducement of an inferiority complex, creating a dependency that goes to the very quick of reason.

We fight, we struggle, we judge and divide, and our masters laugh, because we trust that a higher authority can draft us to war we cannot reason, feed us, clothe us, make us safe and secure, as their hot hidden hands pulls and pushes us from cradle to grave.

Their fingerprints are found on every part of our bodies, inside and out, and as our minds are filled with their convolution from birth, we are their subjects to the day we die.

Yes, America is a melting pot

Let us reflect for a moment where the American mindset originated. Though we may see a similarity in one culture or another, no place . . . Click here to read more from Ken LaRive at Facets

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