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The suppression of historical truth

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suppression of historical truth

Suppression of literature is not new. From the victors of war to subversive political coups, struggles for power and control have sought to dominate both resources, and the minds of men.

To manage these complex endeavors our masters have to first control information, and it is hidden in the folds of what we mistakenly consider original thought. The battle to control our minds, and soul, are waged on us as an unrelenting war, from cradle to grave.

Propaganda is imposed by several subliminal methods, misinformation and cant by a manipulated media. False flags are used as the carrot and stick of shock and awe, like 911 and Pearl Harbor, and any opportunities presented along our manipulated timeline from civility to despotism, is the burden all mankind carries today all around the world.

One other powerful method, as I will present here, is making certain kinds of literature taboo, and in a totalitarian society, some have become so dangerous to the power elite, they are unreservedly prohibited. The Christian Bible in Saudi Arabia is a small example, and in certain instances, the edict imposed can be more than just confiscation, but arrest and jail time.

Some Middle Eastern countries will even prescribe the death penalty for a person harboring or hording contraband literature . . . literature that holds truth . . . truth, the greatest enemy of all tyrants. The controlling of information by fear cements the power structure, and the curbing of an idea is now inspired by a superior technical science, displacing by increments our dying Constitutional Republic and Bill of Rights, statistically formulated by a super-computer, to be suppressed without consequence.

The reading of lost taboo literature can be quite exciting for a philosopher, a student of political science, or historian. There are times when the reading may show a justification or insight into an action, as validation . . . or found to be the very survival rational for an entire declining culture.

Yes, bias are found there, but profound truth can be found there too, and those thoughts and opinions are indeed needed to both gather and string together the entire historical portrait. It is a puzzle of a thousand pieces, and both sides are priceless . . . Truth is priceless, and must be demanded by every liberated mind.

What are found below are primarily two kinds of tomes, all of which were, and still today, subverted, hidden, suppressed, and found again. One kind are the warnings of what a person or enterprise feared might happen, some based on pure speculation, and others stats; some based on previous historical events, and some more of a warning, a caution that we can see has now manifested as our current reality, with a distressing and unheeded punch line of advice.

Indeed, they are very insightful. Another kind is even more disturbing, more disquieting, as it was written by the losers, after the dust settled. There are prime examples of this in the group of essays below, for your discovery, but that exploration must be yours alone . . . as each individual has their own reality, based on both fact and supposition, the process of exploration will be different for each, whether or not truth can be gleaned from our biased prejudices.

Yes, to find truth takes an effort, but what gift is more precious in a world of outright lies and deceit . . . a world of spiritual slavery and . . .

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