Sunday, June 26, 2016

Dan Bongino for Congress - Florida

When I was in the Secret Service, here's what I saw with politicians:

They start to believe their own fairytales.

You may think you know just how out-of-touch these guys are, but I'm telling you folks - however big you think their egos are, take that amount, multiply it by 100, and maybe you'll hit close to the mark.

Now this ego problem wouldn't matter if government didn't hold so much power over our lives.

Look at Hollywood actors - no one would confuse them with a modest group of people. Like politicians, they also live in fantasyland. But lucky for us, actors don't have the power to write the tax code. They don't have the power to send us to war, ignore immigration laws or trample our personal liberties.

Politicians do. And that's exactly why they need a big, fat reality check.

So yup, there's a difference between the Hollywood elite and the Washington elite. Maybe not in brain power, but definitely in the power they have over your life and mine.

What these guys need - and what you deserve - is someone who's going to go to the House floor and say, "No, not today. We're just not doing it this way anymore."

It's time to fight the fantasy, folks.

Dan Bongino ~ Conservative Candidate for U.S. Congress (Florida - 19)

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