Sunday, June 5, 2016

Vets Number Could Be A Cemetery Plot

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Here’s one federal employee who won’t be leaving “public service” to make millions in the private sector. Unless being the star in a dunk tank pays much better than I previously thought.

VA Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert A. McDonald entered the realm of PR legend when he told reporters Disneyland doesn’t measure wait time for its customers, so why should the VA?

One reason keeping a handle on dwell time in the VA queue might be a good idea is, as far as my research can determine, not one person has died waiting to ride the Indiana Jones Adventure (although Harrison Ford has visibly aged).

The worst that can happen to customers in a Disneyland wait line is the occasional case of measles, which President Trump assures us will be as scarce as Mexicans after he takes office.

Waiting lines at the VA are considerably more dangerous. In 2013 alone, 40 veterans died waiting for their appointment with a VA doctor.

You’d think an organization that dealt exclusively with a clientele that knows how to handle firearms would be more customer–friendly. But you’d be wrong.

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Michael R. Shannon is a commentator, researcher (for the League of American Voters), and an award-winning political and advertising consultant with nationwide and international experience.

He is author of "Conservative Christian’s Guidebook for Living in Secular Times (Now with added humor and available on" 

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