Thursday, June 9, 2016

Calories don't count

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Summer is just around the corner. Are you ready for that bikini or will it be the moo-moo? I know which I would choose, but I don’t think I’m there…if you know what I mean. My first thought was to cut back on calories, right? Not really. When I talked with Belldon Colme on POPPOFF, he told me calories don’t count.

So what does?

My first impression was just another diet, but then Belldon told me his story. He ballooned to 280 pounds and literally found himself unconscious on the floor. Certain that he was headed for a heart attack, he lost 105 pounds and dedicated himself to helping others achieve wellness.

So comes “No One Ever Got Fat From Calories.” The real truth about weight loss, Your Body, and Wellness. He explains why eating less and exercising more is a prescription for failure and why “eating healthy” and healthy eating” are not the same. He goes on to say processed foods weaken your immune system.

That’s why he created Nutri-90, a wellness program that has helped thousands of medical professionals and laypeople alike reach and maintain weight loss, health, and wellness goals. So I asked him to share the Top Ten Tips for successful wellness.

1) Just because it is liquid does not make it water. Pure water really is the elixir of life. Drink one-half of your body weight in ounces every day.

2) Eating the RIGHT stuff only matters if you eliminate the WRONG stuff.

3) Calories are a distraction. Look only at the “ingredient label. If an ingredient does not belong in your body, don’t put it there.

4) Everyone is telling you to boost your metabolism. Why not take the time to learn what your metabolism really is and really does, and then nourish it accordingly.

5) You can never have too many leafy greens; they are nature’s vitamin powerhouses.

6) Marketers lie. Their job is to manipulate you and make you buy stuff. It’s not their job to look after your best interests. Don’t choose a food by its advertising.

7) Diet, lo-cal, sugar-free, fat free, and heart healthy are all euphemisms for a poisonous, toxic cesspool of disease.

8) Do not accept obesity and disease as normal. It isn’t, and you deserve better.

9) As a nation: The more products we have, the sicker we become. The more we spend fighting calories the fatter we become. Maybe it’s time to stop buying products and just learn to eat right.

10) MOST IMPORTANT, and whether you believe life got here by creation or evolution, you have to arrive at this same conclusion; Pills, powders, shakes, and elixirs did not evolve, and neither were they created. Real food, the kind that comes from farms, is for nourishment. Products are for corporate profit. There are no exceptions…EVER!

If you’ like more information about “No One Ever Got Fat From Calories” and more information about Nutri-90, you can check out

“The evidence is all around us,” says Belldon Colme, “the proper balance of food types does.” Remember bikini vs. moo-moo. Your choice!

From the files of Mary Jane Popp at KAHI Radio in Sacramento, California

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