Thursday, June 23, 2016

Congressman Brooks questions the EPA

Meet Alabama Congressman "Mo" Brooks
Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks, at a Science Committee hearing, questioned EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy concerning the critical flaws of the underlying science used to justify the EPA’s rule for ozone pollution standards.

The ozone regulations, which are backed by the agency’s political agenda, not sound science, will hurt American industry and cost unreasonable amounts to implement, all for little to no environmental benefit.

While studies conducted by the EPA show ozone levels have dramatically declined since 1980, nevertheless, in 2014, the agency determined to lower the standard of 75 parts per billion (ppb) to a stringent 70 ppb.

Citing a letter issued by the Science Committee to the EPA in 2015, Congressman Brooks asked Administrator McCarthy to address concerns that the proposed ozone rule was based heavily on a single, flawed study, which was unable to replicate key results found in two other studies.

Further, Brooks questioned McCarthy on the committee’s request for EPA documents concerning the ozone rule to aid in their oversight role. In response to the committee’s request, the agency provided a collection of documents with massive amounts of redactions.

Brooks secured a commitment from Administrator McCarthy during today’s hearing to provide the full text of these documents.

Congressman Brooks said, “The EPA’s job-killing agenda undermines America’s economy while driving up the cost of living for struggling American families.

These expansive policy changes, and others, inflict unnecessary economic harm on our communities and increase costs on American families, all with little or no scientific basis to validate the pursuits.”

Earlier this month, Brooks voted in favor of House passed legislation to aptly delay the implementation of these ozone standards from 2020 to 2026, allowing regulators the opportunity to fully vet the proposed standards, and consider the cost and impact on local governments who face hefty fines if unable to comply.

It passed 234-177, with seven Democratic votes, but the bill will likely be vetoed by President Obama.

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