Monday, June 27, 2016

ISIS beheads 4 year old girl

When ISIS soldiers overheard a mother telling her 4-year-old daughter that she needed to hurry and go home or her mother would "behead her if she didn't obey," they actually carried out the terrible act as reported by the US Herald.

After beheading the 4-year-old little girl, the ISIS soldiers cruelly made the mother wash her hands in her daughter's blood.

This unbelievable story happened in the ISIS capital of al-Raqqa in northern Syria. Bystanders who witnessed the murder barely escaped with their lives to tell this gruesome story. And now we need to do everything we can to share the terrible, bloody action of these Islamist terrorists.

According to the eyewitness, it was the fact that the young mother swore that she would behead her child if the child didn't hurry up. That swearing caused the ISIS terrorists to actually follow through with the murder.

"The scared mother refused to behead her daughter. The jihadist then slaughtered the little girl and forced the mother to soak her hands in her blood since she swore by God to do so," reported the witness, who barely escaped al-Raqqa with her life.

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