Friday, April 8, 2016

Scott Vallely Soldiers Memorial Fund

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Welcome to the Scott Vallely Soldiers Memorial Fund Newsletter.

The fund was founded as a memorial to PFC Scott Vallely, son of Major General Paul Vallely and Muffin Vallely.

The goal of this newsletter is to recognize and honor our members of the armed forces and veterans for sacrifices made in the service of our country, to inform our readers of veteran affairs, and most importantly, to encourage donations that benefit veterans, members of the armed forces, and their families. We also offer scholarships, contribute to rehab centers and send care boxes to veterans overseas.

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Why donate? Because you have skin in the game. You, like us, most likely have family going back for generations who answered the call to serve our country. They are the reason that we are able to live in peace with the freedom to chase our dreams and pursue our own happiness.

Do we not owe them something besides a casual thank you? Do we not need to step up to the plate for them in their time of need? We, at the Scott Vallely Soldiers Memorial Fund, believe that we do. Unlike other Veteran funds, over 90% of every dollar goes to veterans who are in need.

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We will bring our veterans to your home by telling their story. We want to make the connection that each featured veteran’s story plays a part in each reader’s personal liberty. We must come to think of our veterans, whether living or deceased, as family…and family sticks together.

So, please come with us, and with each issue, hand over heart, we pledge to endeavor to inform you and inspire you to help us help those who have made our very lives possible.

Sharon DiLorenzo - Editor at Stand Up America U.S.

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