Saturday, April 23, 2016

Politics of a schoolyard bully

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Even when it was dusty and hot, for me, recess was far better than a classroom. We played, but it always gravitated into some form of competition, and though books were necessary, we seemed to have learned many of the most profound lessons of life there on the playground. The importance of an education falls short when you are young, and its relevance hard to comprehend.

But to this day it seems that without recess, the rest of education would have held little meaning. Recess taught us how to actually use our education for real life, or indoctrination too, if you will, and as self-worth and values were being formed, we defined what it meant to be human in a world of other human beings trying to do the same. Not all were successful.

Let me start with one emphatic statement. Most all people just wanted to get along, and yet, want to be let alone… One could see emphatically that it was but a small percentage of the kids who wanted to dominate the others.

Some by being the best at sports, some by making excellent grades, and that was good, but others used the power of a bully, and it seemed every classroom had at least one. When two or more vied for power, they sought the support of others to maintain control, with many, and sometime any means necessary.

From the earliest school-yard memory, some played well with others and some did not, some helped and smiled, and others cruised the playground like sharks, looking for opportunity. Some sharks just wanted your lunch money, others wanted to inflict pain, or fear, but all of it was for one primary thing, control, and that is the true volition of all bullies.

Nothing in this life has more power, not even love. It is said that money makes the world go round, but fear is the driving force that grease the wheels.

We tried to the last child to figure it all out, and we still do, as learning is experienced to our last breath. Some kinds of lessons take a lifetime to learn, to master, and most will agree, it is but a small minority who cause the lion’s share of the problems we encounter on our beautiful planet. In retrospect, we could have easily had peace in that playground, if we could have just united. To do that, you must have a leader that cannot be bought.

That system was granted to us by our founders and they called it a Republic based on Constitutional Law. They showed us, granting nothing, that our Liberty is based on Universal Laws, and a Constitution and Bill of Rights were painfully drawn to show us what we innately possess is God given.

Our Founders loved us, and painstakingly showed us in their letters and writings that Liberty is not granted by men, but is given by God to all human beings as a gift.

Indeed, most all were men of God, but knew that some ideologies transcended individual faiths, and so called themselves deists. It was a grand experiment, and they emphatically warned us from the start that every generation must be vigilant, willing to fight to keep it, or it would be taken away.

They told us that if we let it slip away, it would be exceedingly difficult to take it back without bloodshed. Some even said that tyranny would grow in small increments, too small to notice, and that we would be coerced and distracted to become complacent, soon forgetting who we are as Americans, forgetting just what an amazing gift it is.

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