Saturday, April 23, 2016

Who says Cruz or Trump can't win?

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Have we not all learned that this is a terrible year for broad pronouncements? The past months are littered with the failed assertions of oh-so-smart people who just knew they had everything figured out.

Trump is a joke. No, wait, he’s inevitable. He’s out of control. No, now he’s more disciplined, He’s got this. No, he’s a loose cannon.

Cruz has no chance to be the nominee. No, wait, now he has the inside track. His campaign operation has too many flaws. No, now they are the smart ones with the best delegate roundup skills.

It’s the Year of the Governor. Nope, all the Governors are gone. Wait, there’s one. It’s John Kasich. He’s a terrible choice. No, wait, he’s great because he matches up well against Hillary. But he can’t win anything outside his own state and Manhattan.

Stop. Everybody just stop.

It’s hard, especially for people in the analysis business. We are supposed to be able to read tea leaves and tell the world what to expect miles down the road. Now it’s a minefield just trying to suggest what might happen in the next few weeks.

For the first time in the memories of most people, we have an election year with races not yet settled in the springtime.

The usual drill is Iowa, New Hampshire, maybe another state or two, then the concrete sets and we wait six months for the predictable infomercials of the conventions but . . . read more here at the Colonel Allen B. West website


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