Saturday, April 16, 2016

It made my pain go away

I hate pain. So I always look to ways to overcome, and I just love when something actually works . . . especially when it works for me. And, I love sharing information that can change a lifetime of pain so you can begin living again.

That’s what happened to me when I discovered a gentle method of adjustment called NUCCA which stands for National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association. How did it start for me? A car accident put me in jeopardy with a herniated disc.

Oh yes, the docs said got to have surgery. No way! I did traditional chiropractic for a couple of years twice a month, and they told me it would be forever.

Then a guest on my POPPOFF Radio show told me I did not have to have surgery and why not try this new technique called NUCCA.

The story goes that Dr. Don Erwin began as a traditional chiropractor. Then his wife had some major pain problems and he found he could not help her. Off they went to a NUCCA chiropractor in the Bay area and what do you know, it worked. So Dr. Don decided he would learn this new way to share with all his patients.

So came my initial exam. Then he proceeded to do this gentle adjustment after some precise measurements. I waited a moment and asked when he was going to make his magic. He told me it was done. What? It was just a teeny bit of pressure. It couldn’t be that simple.

But it worked, and no more two times a month popping and cracking. The visits began to be farther and farther apart, and today, I check in for good measure about every 8-12 weeks. Sometimes, Dr. Don just sends me on my merry way unless I took a header over my dogs or something drastic.

No more headaches and neck pain. It’s been about ten years now, and no surgery and no pain!

So what is NUCCA? The specialist works only on the atlas (brain stem) which supports that bowling ball we carry on that thin base called the neck. When it slips, the entire spine naturally shifts to move under the head.

By taking special x-rays, Dr. Don can see the exact misalignment. No force needed. So goes the atlas, so goes the spine. The spine is the control center for the whole body. So you say, I didn’t have an accident. I just hurt.

Well, NUCCA works for a myriad of problems from sports activities and golf to skiing even lifting or carrying heavy groceries. And what about that computer work, or sleeping the wrong way? Do you wake up saying OMG what have I done?

It works for so many other problems like headaches, migranes, TMJ, sciatica, and fribromyalgia.

Trauma to that atlas can come from so many sources.

By the way, the goal is to get you gone asap and with as little maintenance as possible. Check out or ask the good Doc himself at (916) 973-0623 and discuss your personal situation.

Mention POPPOFF, and you will be pleasantly surprised. You will get the initial diagnostic worth some $260.00 FREE.

There are enough two-legged pains in the neck you have to deal with every day. Get rid of your personal one.

I did - you can too.

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