Friday, April 22, 2016

Trump is masterful says Allen West

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Meet Donald Trump
Donald Trump has just pulled off a great military styled maneuver called a ‘turning movement.’ In warfare this is a tactic of making the enemy turn and accept engagement in a direction he was not prepared for.

Mr. Trump has done this on the political stage, right in front of everyone’s eyes. Now the GOP establishment has to address the issues that The Donald has raised and spend their time being challenged from a direction that they did not see coming.

Bravo Zulu, Mr. Trump, for a well executed tactic.

Today I want to have a fun discussion about tactics. It’s not something that only works on the battlefield; it’s essential in just about every aspect of our lives. And it’s relative to two events from Tuesday evening.

Last night I got back from speaking at an event on the campus of Texas Christian University. The program was sponsored by the Young America’s Foundation and the topic was “Radical Islamic Terrorism and National Security.” I took the liberty, based on recent events, to broaden the topic to discuss the current 21st century battlefield with the challenges of state vs. non-state actors and their belligerence.

I wanted to provide an analysis and discuss strategic level policy decisions that would enable us to defeat these very pressing threats. I found out there was a group in attendance sponsored by the Muslim Student Association that tried to have the event cancelled.

This is a very serious issue in that we have college campuses, which are no longer institutions of learning and education through the free exchange and debate of ideas. We have institutions of higher learning where it appears fascism is taking deep root.

The good thing is, the event went on, but the group, wearing their “Coexist” t-shirts, were in the audience. What was comical was that they paid not a lick of attention to the issues and policy solutions presented. But as soon as the question and answer portion began, they lined up with their pre-printed sheets. And oh boy, was I ever excited.

I found a true lack of ability to critically think; instead just an inane robotic repetition and regurgitation of talking points. The most humorous comment was when a kid who said he was from Saudi Arabia told me I didn’t understand the meaning of “jihad.”

That chucklehead gave me a really good internal belly laugh, especially as I responded that “jihad” is why they were shooting at me when I was in Iraq. It’s what Osama bin Laden and ISIS called for. And of course, one of these misguided kids tried to convey to me that ISIS wasn’t Muslim or Islamic — guess those fellas are Methodist or Presbyterian. We’ve heard that one before.

I do so love going to college campuses and supporting these great young conservatives who are operating behind ideological enemy lines. But, it’s all about being prepared, reading Rules for Radicals and going on offense. It’s about using the right tactics in order to win the debate and send the little junior progressive socialists home confused, bewildered and embarrassed.

So, as soon as I got home I learned about the results of the New York presidential primary — talking about tactics.

I kinda have to believe the 15-point loss for Senator Bernie Sanders may just have been a silver bullet, the wooden stake. Is it over? Nah, but the situation is even more dire for Sanders. The problem is that he had to keep the contest close in the area of pledged delegates, because he was never going to win the Democrat “super-delegates.” The question now is what tactics can Hillary Clinton use to win over those rabid Sanders supporters?

On the GOP side, well, it appears that Donald Trump, with 60 percent has won 89 delegates. That’s what will be talked about all day today. But, I want to keep the post-primary discussion on the topic of tactics.

I want to congratulate Donald Trump on using a form of offensive maneuver tactic called the “turning movement.” Here was Donald Trump coming off the loss of Wisconsin followed by states such as Colorado and Wyoming, and what did he do? Simple, Trump redefined the narrative and turned everyone.

You see, the objective of the turning movement isn’t to attack your enemy directly in their strongest position. It’s about attacking elsewhere and forcing – turning — your adversary out of their position and forcing them to fight at a place and time and on terrain of your choosing.

What Trump has done is truly masterful – although I’m not sure he knew he was doing it – other than whining.

Trump has attacked the primary electoral system, knowing he . . . read more at the Colonel Allen B. West website


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