Thursday, April 28, 2016

Brooks helps block pro-amnesty ammendments

HASC Blocks Pro-Amnesty Amendments from NDAA, Protects Military Service Opportunities for Americans

After an almost 17 hour hearing that ended at 2:30 this morning, the House Armed Services Committee passed the Fiscal Year 2017 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) that authorizes all national defense programs. Once again, Democrat members of the committee sought to use the NDAA to take military service opportunities from Americans and lawful immigrants in order to give them to illegal aliens.

Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks (R) successfully worked with House Armed Services Committee (HASC) members to defeat two illegal alien amnesty amendments offered during the NDAA markup. The first amendment, submitted by Congressman Ruben Gallego (D-AZ), sought to help illegal aliens take military enlistment opportunities from Americans and lawful immigrants. 

Armed Services Chairman Mac Thornberry (R-TX) introduced and successfully passed a substitute amendment upholding current law, thereby replacing and nullifying Rep. Gallego’s amendment. Congressman Brooks' remarks in opposition to the Gallego amendment may be accessed here.

The second amendment, offered by Congressman Marc Veasey (D-TX), sought to use tax dollars to conduct a study Rep. Veasey hoped would help DACA illegal aliens compete for and take West Point, Air Force Academy, Naval Academy, Coast Guard Academy, and Merchant Marine appointments and opportunities from Americans and lawful immigrants. Rep. Veasey's amendment was defeated by voice vote. Congressman Brooks' remarks in opposition to the Veasey amendment may be accessed here.

Alabama Congressman Brooks said, "I'm pleased Chairman Thornberry recognized the importance of prioritizing jobs for struggling American families and acknowledged current law as the standard for military recruitment practices, which rightfully places Americans first in the stiff competition for military service. The main issue here is national security and whether Americans and lawful immigrants are meeting America’s national security needs."

Brooks added, "Prior to the NDAA markup, I anticipated a move by pro-amnesty Democrats to take advantage of this process to promote illegal aliens over American citizens and lawful immigrants at the expense of American citizens who foot the bill for America's military and the military academies. It makes no sense to me that, at the same time the Army is downsizing and issuing pink slips, there are Congressmen who seek to help illegal aliens deprive American citizens and lawful immigrants of military service opportunities."

Brooks concluded, "Tonight, I asked my colleagues to consider that in 2015, every branch of the military – the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, the Marine Corps – met their recruiting and retention requirements . . . while turning away thousands of highly-qualified Americans and lawful immigrants. As there are a limited number of enlistment opportunities, each time Gallego’s amendment helps an illegal alien enlist, an American or lawful immigrant loses an enlistment opportunity. 

The ratio is one-to-one. I want to give priority to Americans and lawful immigrants, so long as we have an abundance of qualified candidates who want to serve our country. I’m pleased a majority of the committee chose to stand up for the will of the American people." 

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