Friday, April 29, 2016

A Great American Health Hoax?

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Is there a health hoax happening in the U.S.? It is according to Raymond Francis author of “Never Be Sick Again” and his latest book “The Great American Health Hoax.” He claims healthcare in America is pretending to be something it is not.

He added on POPPOFF that the definition of healthcare is the maintenance or restoration of health. But our healthcare system is not about maintaining or restoring health…it’s about managing the symptoms of disease.

This is disease-care, not healthcare. In addition to the possibility of a hoax, he claims it is threatening to bankrupt the United States with an aging population…10,000 people retiring daily and we have promised to pay for their healthcare.

There won’t be enough young people working to cover the costs. But he thinks there is a way out of this economic mess. Choose health! All the debate so far is about how to save a dime here and a dollar there, but it won’t work.

We need to change the terms of the debate to how to prevent disease. We need to teach people how to choose health…no disease, no costs. Unfortunately, health is a choice not yet chosen.

So, it is possible to choose health? Yes, says Francis. The science is there. We already know how to prevent and reverse almost all disease. We have to put to use what we already know. Raymond Francis is a chemist and MIT graduate and has spent sufficient time around chemicals.

So when plagued with a chemical sensitivity as a result of his acute chemical hepatitis, he knew he had to do something to save his life and fast!

The first step - - identify the root of the problem. It was here he discovered that these issues derive from the significant changes in lifestyle, diet, and environment that have occurred over the past hundred years.

Many advances have been made, but not all of them are beneficial to our bodies and their delicate chemistry. Harmful toxins can be found in a myriad of places besides prescription drugs like carpets, cookware, building materials, even appliances.

Now it’s all about diet, right? No, says Francis, it’s a very holistic approach to health with what he calls the Six Pathways to health and disease. You can get yourself moving toward health on all Six Pathways and you will remain biologically young, healthy and vigorous.

We do not know all of the many factors that can be affecting your health, which is why using all six at the same time is important. They are:
I don’t have enough time to tackle them all, but I was curious if there were any foods we should not eat. He said, yes. Get off processed foods. The average American diet consists mostly of processed foods, and this diet will not support healthy life…even in rats.

In his book, he lists what he calls the Bad four. These are the four most dangerous foods people eat…sugar, wheat, processed oils, and milk and dairy products. He also told me on the air no corn, no soy or tofu either. Guess it has to do with GMOs.

You can check out all the other things we do to live an unhealthy life in “The Great American HEALTH HOAX (available on Amazon)” The Surprising Truth about How Modern Medicine Keeps You Sick. You can also check out his website

Stay well!

From the files of Mary Jane Popp at KAHI Radio in Sacramento, California

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