Thursday, April 7, 2016

A Commitment to Excellence

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On Saturday, I spoke at the christening of the USS Ralph Johnson (DDG 114) at Ingalls Shipbuilding in Pascagoula.

I’ve traveled a lot as part of my Congressional oversight responsibilities and I can honestly say that we build the greatest ships in the world for the greatest military – because, without a doubt, we have the greatest shipbuilders on earth right here in South Mississippi.

While the rest of the country is focused on becoming great again, the men and women at Ingalls have never stopped achieving greatness!

With the daily occurrence of global threats, it’s obvious we don’t just need more ships; we also need to make sure these ships are survivable and capable. After all, they carry America’s most precious treasure: our men and women in uniform.

Anyone who is paying attention to global events can attest that the world is not becoming a safer place but in fact is becoming much more dangerous. Whether it’s China, Russia, Iran, North Korea or ISIS, they all pose a threat to America’s safety and prosperity.

I’m grateful for our Mississippi delegation and our friends on the Armed Services and Appropriations committees who join me in recognizing that our number one congressional responsibility is the common defense of our nation. Critical federal investment in national defense is needed now more than ever.

Yet, none of the many victories and christenings we’ve been fortunate to celebrate over the years would be possible without the hardworking men and women at Ingalls.

Once again, I’d like to congratulate and thank our outstanding shipbuilders and their families for their continued commitment to excellence.

God Bless America and all who set sail on the USS Ralph Johnson.

I was pleased to welcome Admiral McRaven (pictured below) and Mrs. McRaven, ship sponsor, to the christening ceremony of the USS Ralph Johnson.

I was joined by special guests Navy Seal Commander Chuck Hayes and Master Chief Billy Jordan of the Special Boat Unit 22 which operates at Stennis Space Center.

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