Friday, November 11, 2016

What About the Tea Party?

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On Tuesday, something stunning happened. Donald Trump was elected President of the United States.

A lot of people did not see that coming.

Now it is time for change. During his victory speech last night, Donald Trump called for unity. That is a good start.

During the campaign, there were serious divisions in the Republicans, conservatives and Tea Party activists. Some people supported Donald Trump whole heartedly. Some were never Trump because they simply did not believe he would govern as a conservative.

He is now the President-elect and now we will find out.

It is time for everyone to unify.

In the campaign, when Trump was on message, he called for the repeal of Obamacare, the lowering of taxes and his biggest call was to “drain the swamp.”

Is Donald Trump serious? Will he keep his campaign promises? If he will, conservatives have a great opportunity for moving the conservative agenda forward in a way that has not happened in a very long time.

For those who were Never Trump, it is time to work with the Trump administration, unless it turns and goes full left. For those who were militantly pro-Trump and had things to say about the Never Trump movement, it is time to realize that President Trump will only succeed with a conservative coalition. The election is over. It is time to get back together to advance freedom and liberty in America.

If Donald Trump does what he promised on the campaign trail, this could be a defining moment for America. It is up to conservatives of all stripes to aid and assist the Trump administration when it advances a conservative agenda; and if necessary fight the Trump administration when it doesn’t.

It is time to get to work.

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