Saturday, November 26, 2016

Slim for the Holidays by Mary Jane Popp

Meet Dr. Susan Smith-Jones
Five to seven pounds added to your waistline…maybe more…between Thanksgiving and the first week in January? Yikes!

That’s what the experts tell us, but what can we do to enjoy the holidays without gaining weight? Lots of questions, but what about answers?

I checked in with Dr. Susan Smith-Jones out Hollywood way on POPPOFF.

She is author of some 25 books, motivational speaker, and holistic health expert and her celebrity list is impressive. If it’s good enough for them, I figured we could take a shot at slimming down and not puffing up for this ‘tis the season for being jolly.

So enjoy your holidays and take heed of these ten tips.

The first one is really HOT ! HOT ! HOT !

1) CAYENNE PEPPER - This wonderful spice provides a three-pronged attack against obesity.

First, eating cayenne may help fight off food cravings. Some experts believe that eating sharp-tasting foods such as hot peppers can overwhelm taste buds, cutting off cravings.

Second, cayenne helps you eat less. Researchers in the Netherlands gave men .9 grams of ground cayenne pepper either as a pill or mixed into a tomato juice beverage. Then 30 minutes later, they turned the men loose at an all-you-can-eat buffet. Compared with men who were given a placebo, the men who had consumed cayenne reduced their food intake by 16%.

Third, it actually requires energy to eat hot peppers. That’s right. That’s because the heat you feel when you eat chili peppers takes energy to produce. That’s why Dr. Jones adds cayenne capsules to her daily health and nutrition program. And especially with any large holiday meal, she finds ways to also consume some cayenne.

2) DON’T SKIP MEALS - Make sure to eat something every 3-4 hours so you won’t get famished and end up eating more than necessary.

3) BRING HEALTHY SNACKS -  While shopping or in the car, healthy snacks help your blood sugar not to plummet.

4) HAVE SOMETHING SMALL TO EAT - That’s before you go out, especially to a holiday party or big dinner so you don’t arrive with a voracious appetite.

5) DON’T HANG OUT NEAR THE FOOD during holiday parties and large gatherings where there are tables of food.

6) DON’T JUST EAT TO BE SOCIAL - Choose wisely what food you hold in your hands while talking to others at holiday gatherings.

7) KEEP YOUR BODY HYDRATED with purified water. We often confuse hunger with dehydration.

8) START ALL MEALS WITH HIGH-FIBER FOODS to fill your stomach. Fiber is your secret weapon to weight control.

9) EAT SLOWLY - Put down the fork between bites. Make a meal last 30 minutes so your brain’s satiety center gets the signal when you are full.

10) MAKE SLEEP A PRIORITY - Lack of sleep causes your body to hold on to all of the calories you eat and strengthens your desire for junk foods.

So go ahead and enjoy this wonderful time of the year, but remember all that extra gym work you’ll have to do in January if you’re not a little careful.

If you want more info, go to and you can sign up for Dr. Jones’ Monthly Newsletter for free. She always has great stuff to make your life happier and healthier!


From the files of Mary Jane Popp at KAHI Radio in Sacramento, California


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