Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Finding truth from our master's whip

Two antique books give the actual blueprint of our enslavement from the files of Ken LaRive at Facets Online

What is strangling America might seem invisible... Assuredly, it is not, and there is a way out of this fine mess we find ourselves in. We must, MUST believe that. There is a way, as I will explain below, to take this country back without firing a shot.

There is a way to see our enemies, to flush them out, and to bring them to justice. Our Constitution and Bill of Rights must be ours, for if we lack those tools, we are indeed lost. We also need someone on the inside, and this can only be Donald Trump in this election... He sees the problems, and he can fix it...

Without giving up Christian Standards, we must learn not only a new game, but attempt to understand a new set of rules as well, rules of engagement without a moral compass. This might seem a bit hard to do for a moral and ethical person, but you must recognize the necessity of understanding your enemy, its motivations and its methods, and that it is all for your own self preservation.

Its motivations are simple, in most cases, and its mindset even considered elementary: maximize profit at any cost. Its approach, and the very structure of its life-force, is similar to that of a predatory animal. If you don't stand up to it, you will be eaten.

Unless you can comprehend its primordial set of rules, its ancient motivations, you will surely lose. You see, the true enemy you now face, the essence, is not a singular person, but a mindset, and it has killed millions upon millions to grasp power, and would do it again for an eternity to keep it. It produces a caliber of men who dictate, demand, intimidate and coerce, and its strategy teaches the hard wired political science and the psychology of human behavior.

It produces people, develops them, at the very top of this so-called food chain, and some have learned their lessons so well that they have no qualms using and manipulating an entire world for their bottom line.

War is created, bubbles are created, put options and stock margins are created, and they look ahead of the havoc they crafted for opportunities, and in that process they consider themselves above the law, and completely justified. Justified, because they are smarter than the common man, something akin to cattle, and to be used in any way necessary to produce, a bottom line.

This mindset will use our Christian morals and ethics against us in ways so twisted, so convoluted, so perverted, you would judge it to be totally insane. And yet, it can be so persuasive, so alluring, seem so credible, so plausible, that you might even consider giving up your life for it.

You might actually sacrifice your life for a cause you cannot understand, for reasons unclear, like change for the sake of change, and die for nothing more than a colored piece of cloth attached to a brass metal, and their profit, of course.

And so conscious driven, you would risk your life in a far away land for an ideal like freedom, heritage, and liberty, while those responsible for its manufacture make profit, corporate profit, as that country runs red with death and chaos. And as your buddies are lowered into the ground, you find treachery of the highest order from those you so trusted.

For instance, they would openly refuse to secure the gate on illegal aliens from around the world for a potential future vote, put your children in a debt that can never be paid, ignore the Bill of Rights and the Constitution, and make a profit on both destruction and reconstruction by constant and unrelenting war.

Even the gold in Fort Knox is gone, and you know, you see it, you feel it in your heart and to the depths of your very soul, that you and America is being played. It is one big dog and pony show.

When one finally realizes that The Liberty Revolution is primarily one of intellect, we soon begin to understand that both our enslavement and our ignorance . . . . .

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