Saturday, November 26, 2016

Electoral College Voters Threatened

It has been said ~ If communists can not come through the front door, they will try the back door. If that doesn't work they will crawl through a window. The liberals/socialists/progressives/communists have lost a major battle this election season and they are neither happy nor giving up.

On December 19, 2016, the actual vote for president of the United States will take place in each state even though a projected winner has already been announced.

The Constitution does not require an elector to vote according to the popular vote of their state. But, about half the states do require electors to vote according to the popular vote.

Comes the Presidential Election of 2016. In the best tradition of liberal love and tolerance, electors are being threatened in multiple states with physical harm or death in a final attempt to block the election of Donald Trump.

Alex Kim, an elector from the 24th Congressional District in Texas, is being pressured by Democrats to vote for Hillary Clinton. "At first everyone was kinda enchanted by it," Kim told NBC Dallas-Ft. Worth. "Now all the electors are starting to get beaten down. There are some electors who have been threatened with harm or with death."

Anti-Trump groups have circulated lists with the personal information of electors encouraging people to sway them to become "faithless electors" – not voting for Trump even though he won the election in their state.

In Georgia, Secretary of State, Brian Kemp issued a statement last week asking people to stop threatening his state's electors.

Idaho's Secretary of State has made similar comments after reports of their electors being harassed with phone calls and messages.

In Tennessee, electors told the Tennessean they are receiving about 200 emails a day.

In Arizona, electors are facing "total harassment" from mostly out-of-state emails.

In Iowa, an elector is receiving harassing emails.

At least one elector in Detroit has received a number of death threats. Michael Banerian, an elector in Michigan said, "I've had people talk about shoving a gun in my mouth and blowing my brains out. And I've received dozens and dozens of those emails."

Although the reaction of many Democrats is outrageous, it is understandable why so many Democrats have become so incensed. Almost overnight, they have become a coastal party, having the smallest number of House Democrats since 1929. When I last visited Massachusetts, a cousin (one of the nicest Democrats you'll ever meet) took me to the State House where I saw a plaque with the names of all the state representatives...rows of Democrats with just a sprinking of Republicans. It is now in reverse, not in Massachsetts, but nationally.

When a party loses the White House, doesn't regain any part of Congress, surrenders a multide of governorships and state legislators, has roughly 70 members of Congress belonging to the Democratic Socialists of America, and finds itself in disagreement with the oppposing party on even the most basic tenets of our free republic, that party desperately needs self-examination.

The Electoral College did exactly what it was designed to do...prevent the states with the largest cities from consistently choosing who the next president will be.

Let's make it as plain as possible. There is a concerted worldwide effort to establish global socialism/communism. They missed an important opportunity this past election season and they are angry. They know this 'Trump Movement' could spread. It has already affected the ongoing presidential campaign in France and is spreading elsewhere.

Communsts are like vampires. They never die. They will 'sleep' in their own dirt and always awaken when the opportunity presents itself. I suggest you keep your doors and windows closed.

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Courtesy of Stand Up America U.S. - Major General Paul E. Vallely

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