Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Oath Keeper

From The Liberty Beacon Contributor, Ken LaRive

There was a time when a handshake meant something. Before our laws became loop-holes, and irresponsibility and treachery was taught as normal.

A time when a simple signature in India ink, a melted wax droplet on a document stamped with a family crest, or an oath of alliance yelled moments before a battle, brought unbounded strength of purpose, and the courage for true conviction.

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When a man finally came to a righteous conclusion, by his own volition, that honor was more important than one’s own life, from that moment on he was called an oath keeper.

Boy Scouts of America

The finer parts of America were built on oaths, from the promise of a Police Officer who swore to protect and serve, to a military man on the front lines of liberty. But the foundation of an oath extends to every man, woman and child here in America.

It can be found in an educator who tries so hard to teach students self-worth in a government-run co-op designed system that inspires the opposite, or a foreman standing in consternation as he helps build another skyscraper from the residue of 9-11.

That same resolute can be traced all the way back to our framers who risked everything, their lives and fortunes, to sign the Declaration of Independence. And then, with trembling hands, gave us our Constitution and Bill of Rights with prayers that we could keep it, we the people, their children.

Early on Saturday mornings, on a crystalline carpet of dew, glinted under the breath of a chilled mist, single shots would wake New Orleans from under the spreading arms of our dueling oaks, where honor was defended, and oaths tested.

You see, men of substance do not spring out of the ground whole, they are self made. A man of virtue and honor can manifest from any color, religion, or creed, with a virtuous and honorable oath. A flawed oath, however, will not be followed long, as it is against the very nature of men.

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Men know that for an oath to become a viable part of the heart and mind, it has to have one primary element, truth. Men everywhere, from desert to forest, from the halls of decree to the bowels of the bane, know truth when they hear it. It is universal, a universal truth that cannot be denied.

The following is the Boy Scout oath, and it projects forward the man he has the potential to become. Take the time and look into the faces of boys reciting this simple and yet profound oath, and you will get a rush of hope that will bring on tears.

Our Country, our precious constitution, our hard-won liberty, is being shredded, and in their trusting and shining faces, the faces of our children, you will find the solace and true hope you so longed for, as parents, as teachers, as Americans.

Stand fast with the knowledge that truth is the primary element that can heal us, unite us, as one nation under God. Only through truth can honor be restored, and so too, a worthy oath.

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