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Youthful At Any Age from Mary Jane Popp

From the files of Mary Jane Popp at, KAHI Radio in Sacramento, California

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Want to look years younger…like who doesn’t? Remember, your skin will be the first to give away your deep, dark secrets. Your skin will let the world know if you have been under great pressure or stress or if you have not been sleeping well because of worries.

But we don’t want to involve needles or even surgery. Holistic health and natural beauty educator, Dr. Susan Smith-Jones shared some of her secrets with me on POPPOFF.

She has six key ingredients for radiant skin. Dr. Smith has authored some 27 books including her new trio of 2016 full-color books…”Healthy, Happy and Radiant…at Any Age” “The Curative Kitchen and Lifestyle” and “Living on the Lighter Side.”

1) PROTECT FROM TOO MUCH SUN. Without sun, there is not life. Too much sun and skin is lifeless. Everything in moderation. Over exposure can break down the collagen and elastin components of the skin, causing loss of moisture, flexibility and tautness. Be wise with your sun-time.

2) EAT SKIN-ENHANCING FOODS. The diet that promotes healthy skin incorporates lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. High in water content, they keep your body hydrated. For the richest foods in water content, look in the produce isles of your grocery store. Don’t skimp on leafy greens. Stay away from too much of fatty foods, sugar, sodas, caffeine, junk foods, dairy products, and too many animal products.

3) SUPPLEMENT WITH NATURE’S PREMIER SKIN REJUVENATORS. These are her favorites. Hawaiian Astaxanthin increases collagen and elastin and improves skin moisture in six weeks. Hawaiian Spirulina is a microalgae that supplies nutrients that are lacking in most diets. Within a couple days, you will feel a difference.

4) KEEP YOUR BODY HYDRATED. Make sure you drink plenty of purified water every day…at least 6-8 large glasses…in between meals. Water moisturizes your skin from the inside out and helps eliminate toxins through the skin. Lack of moisture creates wrinkles just like plums create prunes and grapes create raisins.

5) EXERCISE YOUR WAY TO RADIANCE. Exercise is also a natural and effective way to increase the health of your skin by increasing circulation, eliminating toxins through the skin, and giving the skin that healthy glow. After aerobic exercise, such as brisk walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, or aerobic classes, the skin takes on a beautiful natural glow that no makeup artist could duplicate.

6) CATCH MORE ZZZZs. Getting adequate rest and sleep is essential for cultivating and maintaining beautiful youthful skin. Sleep is when most of the body’s repair work and maintenance are completed. In fact, there’s nothing more restorative for our bodies than getting ample sleep, night after night. Research suggests that even one or two nights of sufficient sleep (experts recommend 8 hours) can lower cortisol levels more than a number of other stress-management techniques combined. Remember that too much unmanaged stress negatively affects the quality of our skin. 

Want some other tips for making beautiful skin including natural face masks that you can make in your own kitchen?

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