Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Mental manipulation and the art of politics

From the files of Ken LaRive, writer of  'Facets' at The Liberty Beacon

It is politics as usual, with no holds bared. A war, it is waged in the hearts and minds of the populous like religious fanaticism.

Our standards are taught at mother’s knee, and with experience we attempt life with confident bearing… But as we look upon the world, we find joy and foreboding on one hand, happiness and quiet desperation on the other, and ask why.

We grapple with what is perceive to be good and bad and right and wrong, with decisions based on what is speculated to be the greatest. Torn by the facets of politics, ethics, and the meaning of life, our strength is our constant need to balance.

In our daily process of living, we judge others who are not like us. We justify reasons for being based on the assumptions of the facts we are fed, true or false. Confused and fearful, we give control of our lives to others, where duel-concepts are composed for the man behind the curtain to point the way.

Everyone, even presidential hopefuls will find flaws in the opus of life, and eventually held accountable.

We have watched women and children burn after a month of standoff, using words like “compound”, and “cult,” and ultimately found our understanding was based on lies. With acuity of what is universal, eternal, and justifiable Truth, we watched people jump from the fires of twin towers, and in the midst of horror we search for explanations.

Ancient texts are manipulated by man-made agendas, separating and isolating us into a one truth at the exclusion of all others, and in that process domination is born, with another collection of slaves.

As we grow older we find ourselves obtuse, stubborn and uncompromising, adamant and fixated, with defensible labels for all others who are different, be they liberal or conservative, religious or secular.

Mental manipulation is now a science, and the war that wages between our minds and hearts are used for the schema of those who understand that power, as they have found even original thoughts can be despoiled.

Dominated and maneuvered by prejudiced idealism, blind faith, and myopic fundamentalism, it seems at first glance that as collective human beings we are herded like sheep to the slaughter … but this is not our true nature.

Men resist the shackles of mind and body, and when we see the light of raison d’ĂȘtre, we are drawn to it as one.

Truth and Love lends hope as a beacon of reason, where we may someday stand on our own two feet, united … and knowing is half the battle won.

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