Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Game changer - Libya needs more U.S. bombs

From Margaret March posted at The Liberty Beacon

The U.S. and its NATO slaughter forces have already taken a thriving, peaceful country, destroyed it, and turned it into a feeding ground for terrorism.

Readers won’t be surprised to learn therefore that it looks like the same U.S. and NATO forces are beating the drum for even more war on Libya and its people.

Two top U.S. military commanders have recently expressed grave concern about Daesh/IS/ISIS/ISIL using Libya as a stronghold for their expansion.

General Joseph Votel, head of the U.S. Special Forces Command, announced that his command was looking for ways to keep the Islamic State from growing more powerful in Libya.

Yesterday, Sputnik reported:
Military commanders have intensified their warnings recently regarding a threat coming from members of the Daesh extremist group in Libya. The head of US Special Forces Command, General Joseph Votel, said there have long been concerns that the militants were expanding their presence in the country.

“There is a concern about Libya,” he said at a conference in Washington this week, adding that, “It can’t all be about Iraq and Syria.”

In October, a Defense Intelligence Agency expert said that Libya has become a new target for Daesh, and is intended to be used as “the hub to project themselves across all of North Africa.”

There have been reports that Daesh sent its key leader in Iraq, Abu Omar, to Libya to enhance the terrorist group’s influence in the town of Sirte as well as to prepare a potential asylum for Daesh leaders currently in Syria and Iraq. Recruits have reportedly been pouring into the country weekly since Turkey tightened its border with Syria.

Votel, who has been nominated to take over US Central Command, said at the conference that American special operators will continue conducting reconnaissance missions and collecting data, as part of an effort to keep Daesh from growing more powerful in the region.

“In order to address this threat holistically, we do have to do activities and pursue objectives that allow us to tamp down on it,” he said, including to, “prevent it, and destroy it in areas where it is not wholly grown or beginning to metastasize so that we can bring that area back to legitimate local control.“

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