Thursday, July 21, 2016

Turkey has 50 US nukes to hold hostage

Click Here - Do Your Kids Attend a Gülen School? Gülen’s Coup? by Maggie

The Turkish government is "demanding" the U.S. arrest Fetullah Gülen. We the People should demand his U.S. schools be shutdown immediately, and that not a cent of taxpayer funds ever end up bankrolling his Islamist schools. Oh, and Turkey reportedly has fifty of our nukes?

When earlier today we reported that Turkey has closed the airspace above, and suspended all US-led air missions out of the giant Incirlik airbase (which houses some 50 US nuclear bombs), we said that there is speculation the "airbase may be held "hostage" by Ankara as a bargaining chip ahead of demands for the extradition of Erdogan's arch enemy, Fethullah Gulen, currently a resident of the state of Pennsylvania."

A few hours later this was partially validated when during a televised speech, Turkish President Erdogan called on the United States to extradite Fethullah Gulen, a US-based Muslim cleric he accuses of being behind Turkey's failed coup attempt. Source: ZeroHedge

I posted the following in December 2013: The government of Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is hot in the middle of trying to fight-off charges of corruption and bribery, reported this week in the Washington Post to be orchestrated by Pennsylvania imam, Fethullah Gülen, the head of over 100 Islamic charter schools in the U.S.

WAPO is theorizing that Gülen is behind the push to punish the Erdogan administration, yet Gülen and Erdogan have been close in the past. Perhaps Erdogan is not moving quickly enough to bring hardline, fundamental Islam to Turkey, a country which has a long past of enjoying largely secular governance. Gulen's reach is far and deep in the U.S. and around the world.

This is what you need to know: most schools believed to be connected to Gülen, deny that they are connected to the reclusive but powerful Fethullah Gulen . . . . Read More at Maggies Notebook


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