Thursday, July 14, 2016

Death of Truth is Death of Liberty

Commentary by The Liberty Beacon Contributing Author: Ken LaRive

ThomasJefferson said: “There is not a truth existing which I fear… or would wish unknown to the whole world.”

Few writers take up the pen in truth these days. Plagiarism and a lack of validity are rife, where news outlets from publishing to media are strangled by imposed taboo. Owned and influenced by government and mega-conglomerate corporations and a banking cartel, they skillfully twist and slant accuracy to suit their well-hidden schemes and agendas.

Investigative reporting are being assigned to the dustbin of history, as institutional scribes rewrite current events to slip into a box perfectly retrofitted by their masters, our masters. Propagandized news shows fallacy as the main ingredient, reflecting in a frosted mirror, and what is done in the name of America is so complicated, so convoluted, we cannot reason with any certainty what side we are actually on, or why.

We are told from the black box that war is looming on many fronts, and fear grips us to the core. The promotion of another cold war with Russia, as Putin announces that Russia is a Christian nation, after he ousted the Jewish Banker Oligarchs strangling his country since the Bolshevik Revolution, is not reported in the Jewish owned American Media…. World economies are failing, and all are blaming a banking system thought to be controlled by us.

Between Presidential rhetoric and mass shootings on American soil, we are filled with a disgust and horror that transcends morality, even sanity. How can a person expect to fight evil by killing innocence? Whom does that empower but the tyrant, who already is blaming guns and not the mindset?

Are these people insane, or are they hungry to do just what they see our military doing to them? Muslims and Jews promote vengeance, Christians Justice… so where does the love of humanity play into our international experience? Is that a worthy question?

We get a glimpse of a disintegrating EU, and want to believe that Brittan’s exit is for Liberty, and yet the same oligarchy is in place. We have a confusing love-hate relationship with the UN, and question why, as a free Palestine keeps popping up… and yet, in the middle of ISIS, we are said to be funding from sides, with brand new SUVs to Toyota Trucks, by Al Qaeda CIA created operatives work out of Benghazi running guns, and Afghanistan supplies 90 percent of Europe’s heron . . .

It seems a domino effect, as we destroy Syria from the ISIS side, there is a mass exodus of refugees to Europe, some hell bent for revenge and domination… Russia bombs ISIS strongholds, and this is not reported… and in the middle of this swirling mass of lies and deceit, our so-called friend, Saudi Arabia, is flooding the market for years with cheap oil, supposedly to bankrupt them all . . .

Our Israeli friends danced and took pictures on 911, held and released, to state on their own news channels that they were only there to record the event… In the fray, our oilfield infrastructure is destroyed, along with the last of America’s ability to be energy independent, coincidentally brainwashed to accept a pipeline from Canada to the Cancer Alley of Louisiana.

In the process, just like in 1983, our American oil patch is destroyed, and it will take years, perhaps decades to recoup . . . . click here for the full story


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