Thursday, July 21, 2016

Masters of the Universe

Before I start - A note on the redacted 911 pages . . . The 28 pages redacted from the 911 Commission Report was finally released. Though I have not yet read them, I have read several very convoluted essays this morning of lies, fear and bias. My study of what happened on 911 took years of trying, and the truth of this matter is not known by the average American, nor, I might add, do they have the inclination to care.

If one could mind-read a fleeting typically American thought on the matter, it might be, "Lets move on." or "What's for supper?" or "911? That's the cop phone number, right" Yes, I'm a bit bitter...

Nothing in the history of humanity has been as costly, from debt slavery, lives, and closer to home... the loss of both civil liberty and the shredding of Constitutional Law. We are too close to realize the spectacular ramifications of 911, but this story will be told for thousands of years... It is right up there with the burning of the Alexander Library...

Unrelenting war built on fabrication, with blatant evidence omitted or completely ignored, stares an investigator in the face... from a military stand-down, free falling buildings, put-options three days prior, dancing Israelis, and hundreds more, show what can only be described as a False Flag.

It is evident that those who had prior knowledge, and those who were complicit in this most complex and orchestrated attack, will not be completely reveled in this report. It will open the door to many unanswered questions, however, and that is a hope to open the eyes of a populous in denial.

What is at stake here, the real truth of this matter, has been asked before the fall of every great nation. Actually, I can think of no question more profound... the most profound question ever asked in the history of humanity.

"Who is pulling our strings?" Well, if you can answer that question, found below, you will know who you should be holding accountable when the dust settles. If you are still alive...

Our Masters Mindset

We live in exciting times, with profound, and yet frightful changes poised to be reality. Frightful, because some changes seem both inevitable, and completely out of our control to either confront or question. This is an illusion.

What we see on TV seems so dangerous and eminent; they threaten to fracture not only our Republic, but the fundamental foundation of our very reality. Fundamental social systems around the word, and their commonality with us, which have been a part of humanity since the dawn of civilization, are systematically being dismantled.

Social systems that have evolved, by trial and error, by great loss and monumental gain, developed for the very survival of our species, in the face of the dangerous unknown, are being crushed. 

However, we must also consider that some of what we think we are as a species has been put there by very clever dictators to inhibit our potential, and that most everything we see around us is some form of an illusion.

Truth is a bittersweet medicine when found, and not . . . . click here to read the rest of the article at Ken LaRive's Facets website

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