Friday, July 29, 2016

A World at War says Congressman Palazzo

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This week another barbaric act of terror took place in a church in St.-Etienne-du-Rouvray, France resulting in the death of an 87 year old priest, Rev. Jacques Hamel. Shortly after the killing, ISIS released a video showing the assassins pledging their loyalty and allegiance and stating this horrific act was carried out in the “name of ISIS.”

All the while, our current president, and those in his party vying to assume that role, have NO plan to stop ISIS. In fact, it doesn’t seem to be on their priority list at all. Their disregard for the safety of our country is both appalling and frightening. Even Pope Francis in his address to the public this week stated that “the world is at war.”

I fully understand that our number one job in Congress is the common defense of this nation. That is why I’ve supported budgets that fully fund our military as well as make sound federal investments in South Mississippi’s defense industries that play a vital role in supporting our military’s mission readiness.

However my Democrat colleagues have continued to vote against funding our own military using their opposition to promote social components of their liberal agenda.

We need leadership who understands that the safety and security of this nation is THE number one priority. This isn’t the time to fight for a liberal agenda; it’s a time to fight for the defense, prosperity and the hardworking people of our great nation.

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