Thursday, July 14, 2016

Good News from Congressman Palazzo

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Since good news is hard to come by these days, I want to start by sharing some recent victories that are not only good, but great news for South Mississippi!

Congressman Palazzo
Recently it was announced that the Navy awarded a $3.1 billion dollar contract for the LHA-8 Amphibious Assault ship to be built at Ingalls Shipbuilding in Pascagoula. I can’t say that I’m surprised because like I’ve always said, and it’s true, the best ships on earth are built by the best shipbuilders on earth right here in South Mississippi!

These are examples of smart federal investments that not only provide thousands of jobs in South Mississippi, but also strengthen our military and protect our country and the freedoms we hold dear.

On that note, Stennis Space Center also announced some great news this week. Aerojet Rocketdyne, a commercial space company, announced they will be expanding their presence at Stennis to test their AR1 rocket engine. This is the next generation rocket and will help America rid its dependence on using Russian-built rockets to carry us to space.

Furthermore, Aerojet announced that they are establishing their facility at Stennis as the official “Center of Excellence for Large Liquid Rocket Engine Assembly and Test,” further solidifying Stennis as the nation’s premier rocket engine test facility and securing approximately 70 good-paying jobs.

These are the types of opportunities and sound federal investments that are vital to our leading industries in South Mississippi, and again these federal investments are no accident. They are the result of a dedicated effort by your Congressional delegation to ensure success today and in the future for our industries in South Mississippi.

I will continue working with our delegation and my colleagues to cut wasteful spending, sustain and grow our economy, and better the lives of the hardworking taxpayers of South Mississippi and our country! Chaos

Unfortunately, I believe most of that good news has been overshadowed by recent events across our nation. I think it’s clear to everyone that our country is in chaos. My thoughts and prayers continue to go out to the families of the law enforcement officers who were killed in Dallas last week, as well as to all of our police officers and their families.

We are all Americans and today and every single day we should unite behind our police officers across this country who put their very lives on the line to protect us.

Tele-Town Hall

Monday night I held a tele-town hall where I was joined by South Mississippians from every county in the 4th District for a live discussion over the phone. During the tele-town hall discussion we touched on many current events, from the chaos in our nation to the recent announcement by the FBI Director recommending the Justice Department NOT bring charges against Hillary Clinton.

I shared my opinions during the discussion, but most importantly I wanted to hear from South Mississippians on these important issues. I asked everyone to participate in several poll questions throughout the call, and the results to those questions are displayed below.

Your comments are always welcome and you can contact Congressman Palazzo on facebook, twitter or by visiting his website.

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