Saturday, March 26, 2016

Time for action says Congressman Palazzo

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Attack on Brussels
This week ISIS attacked another European city. It’s evident that the world is not becoming a safer place, in fact it is becoming more dangerous.

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Yet, I’m baffled that some politicians in our country continue to call for cutting the defense budget. Make no mistake, I and other veterans in Congress will not stand by while those who haven't fought a day in their lives for this country try and gut our military.

Our prayers are with the Belgians and for those who lost loved ones during this devastating act of terror, and our actions must be focused on preventing these attacks in the future by investing in a strong national defense.

The Small Public Housing Agency Opportunity Act
This week I introduced The Small Public Housing Agency Opportunity Act of 2016 (H.R. 4816), alongside Congressman Sanford Bishop and Congressman Brad Ashford. This bill addresses the administrative burdens facing small and rural housing authorities across the country.

H.R. 4816 would simplify inspection and compliance requirements by eliminating excessive paperwork for public housing authorities supporting fewer than 550 households. It would also limit the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) inspections of housing and voucher units to once every three years, unless the small Public Housing Agency (PHA) is classified “troubled” by HUD.

There is a huge difference between housing needs in small town Mississippi, Georgia, or Nebraska, and places such as New York City. This legislation removes that one-size fits all approach and gives small housing authorities the flexibility to operate more effectively and efficiently to better serve the needs of their residents.

Gulf Islands National Seashore
H.R. 4119, the Gulf Islands National Seashore Land Exchange Act that I introduced in November passed on the House floor this week. This bill authorizes the exchange of land located in Gulf Islands National Seashore in Jackson County, between the National Park Service and the Veterans of Foreign Wars post #5699.

The Gulf Islands National Seashore includes the Mississippi barrier islands of Petit Bois, Horn, East and West Ship, and Cat as well as the Davis Bayou Area. H.R. 4119 would make permanent a 30-year easement that has provided an access road and driveway for the VFW, and in exchange, the VFW will give the Gulf Island National Seashore some of its acreage, which includes wetlands.

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