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Poverty and immigration translate to voters

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Say it. All together, now - It's corruption, stupid.

The U.S. brings in one million legal immigrants every year, chosen from those considered to be living under the threat of oppression and poverty. This has been the program since 1990. That's 25 MILLION people now in the United States, excluding millions of illegals, with another, at least, one million coming in 2016.

Three billion people, worldwide, live in "desperate poverty," defined as living on $2.00 per day. It is hopeless to hope to feed (or to try to feed) those who live in the masses of corrupt countries spanning the globe. Hopeless! Corrupt politicians steal aid.

They steal it! The hungry do not receive the aid free countries send. They just don't! Each and every year ANOTHER 80 MILLION are born into poverty, and those 80 MILLION are over and above the number of deaths.

Mexico is a poor country, but they've got nothing on the 5.6 BILLION people who are poorer than Mexicans. The U.S. brings in one million immigrants annually, yet in the same year, the number of births over deaths among the "desperately poor" numbers 80 MILLION, ANNUALLY. We can double our quota to 2 million annually, and BILLIONS remain in "DESPERATE POVERTY."

The people who come here legally are among the best and brightest of poor countries (good for America), and their leaving, abandoning, their own homelands. Devastating. But not so devastating to corrupt government.

In the whole scheme of world corruption, the U.S. doesn't make an eyelash blink in the numbers of those living in poverty.


Well, forget the immigrants we bring to our shores –– the huddled masses yearning to breathe free -  our farmers feed the world (while the American taxpayer subsidizes). Right?
The only truth that lies in the claim “American farmers feed the world” is the fact that bigger harvests in America tend to keep food prices lower all over the globe, and lower food prices theoretically mean more accessible food for the poor.
The above quote points to the fact that farmers say they must use pesticides to grow enough "to feed the world." We're poisoning the hungry? Whatever.

There is no way to feed the world. Leaders steal. Leaders of all these countries are corrupt. For the lack of a better word, let's use 'War Lord.' Whether those grabbing aid are Communists or War Lords, in the truest sense of the word, the world is hungry because of corrupt governance.

Portions of the following are from the video which uses gumballs to represent world poverty. Portions are from my own research.

How many people in the world make less than two dollars a day?
AFRICA: 650 million "desperately poor," making less than two dollars a day.
Around 80 per cent of African people live on less than US$2 a day. Corruption is one factor perpetuating poverty. Poverty and corruption combine to force people to make impossible choices like “Do I buy food for my family today or do I pay a bribe to get treated at the clinic?” Source

ANGOLA: 70 per cent of the population live on $2 a day or less. One in six children die before the age of five – making it the deadliest place in the world to be a child. More than 150,000 children die each year. But not everyone’s suffering.

Dubbed Africa’s youngest billionaire, Isabel dos Santos made her US$3.4 billion fortune from the national diamond and telecommunications business. She’s also the president’s daughter.

SOMALIA: Clan-based warlords, rival politicians and Islamist militants have battled for control since the fall of long-serving ruler Siad Barre in 1991.

A UN-backed government was installed in 2012, and is trying to win back territory occupied by the al-Qaeda-affiliated al-Shabab insurgents - and bring back a measure of stability to the country.

SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA: We’ve seen corruption exacerbate crises during 2015. Forty out of the region’s 46 countries show a serious corruption problem and there’s no improvement for continent powerhouses Nigeria and South Africa.
If corruption and impunity are to 'be a thing of the past' as the African Union stated, governments need to take bold steps to ensure rule of law is the reality for everyone.
INDIA: 890 million "desperately poor," making less than $2 a day. Long history of communist and socialist influence in government. Governments rife with corruption.
If the decline in poverty went from 60% to 35% between the 70s and the early 90s, globalization and liberalization policies have made this trend go backwards in the 90s.
CHINA: 480 million "desperately poor," making less than $2 a day.
BEIJING - China has announced a five-year campaign to crack down on corruption by officials engaged in poverty relief work, which kicked off at the beginning of 2016. Source

Some Chinese officials have become expert at pretending to live frugal, exemplary lives while actually being dissolute individuals with often huge hidden wealth, a state-run newspaper said on Friday, warning the government would root them out.

Chinese President Xi Jinping has embarked on a massive campaign against deeply ingrained corruption since taking office three years ago, warning, like others before him, that the problem could threaten the Communist Party's grip on power.
PARTS OF ASIA: 810 million "desperately poor," making less than $2 a day.
AFGHANISTAN: Most Afghans see not Taliban militants but poverty, unemployment, and government corruption as the main causes of war in their country.

PAPUA: Participants argued that corruption problems in Papua are the most fundamental reason special autonomy has not had more impact on Papua and, in fact, perpetuate poverty. Lack of planning and weak rule of law were also cited. 
LATIN AMERICA: 105 million "desperately poor," making less than $2 a day.
If you came here and did everything correctly, you’d fail,” says Smith, who has several businesses in Brazil. “You’ve got to flow with the river a little bit.
EUROPE: Very worrying is the marked deterioration in countries like Hungary, FYR of Macedonia, Spain and Turkey. These are places where there was once hope for positive change. Now we’re seeing corruption grow, while civil society space and democracy shrinks. Source
HUNGARY: 47 % of Hungarians living in poverty.
Once you’re poor, it’s very difficult to struggle out of it. For us – the European Anti-Poverty Network – poverty is a political choice. It’s not a God-given thing. It is because politicians make certain decisions that (mean) these 124 million people live in poverty.
The World Bank total of worldwide "desperately poor," making less than $2 a day is THREE BILLION PEOPLE.

Going back to the video and the staggering containers of gumballs:
Of course, we don't pull our immigrants from these desperately poor populations. These people are too poor, too sick and too disconnected to make it here as immigrants.

We tend to pull our immigrants out of the better off poor of the world, and Mexico tends to define the type of immigrant we bring here because the plurality of people come from Mexico. And Mexico is poor.

How many people in the world live in countries that have average incomes lower than that of Mexico? And the World Bank tells us that number is three billion, plus another 2.6 billion people –– 5.6 billion people in the world who live in countries with average incomes below that of Mexico.

So what is it the elites are telling us? They're telling us that when we take this one million immigrants, that we somehow or another are tackling world poverty, and we have to do it regardless of the effect on our unemployed, the working poor, the most vulnerable members of society - regardless of the effect on our natural resources.

Even if we went by the most radical proposals in Washington, which are to actually double our immigration to two million a year, which would totally overwhelm our natural and social infrastructures, we couldn't make a noticeable difference.
We may be really hurting the impoverished people of the world because the million we do take, are among the most energetic, often the better educated, certainly among the most dissatisfied people, that if they did not immigrate, would be the agents for change to improve the lot of all these people countries.

The true heroes in the global humanitarian field are the people in these countries who have the wherewithal to immigrate to another country but who instead stay in their countries –– to apply their skills and help their fellow countrymen. Our immigration system tends to entice these very types of people to abandon their country.

The impossibility of making a dent is actually worse than it looks here [the gumballs], because last year, when we took one million immigrants, these countries [the gumballs] added, births over deaths, eighty million more people into the impoverished population.

And this year, Congress is bringing in a million immigrants. This year, according to the United Nations, these countries [all the gumballs] are expected to add another eight million people.

Next year, you can expect Congress, unless stopped by the American voters will bring another million immigrants, and these countries [the gumballs] will be adding another eighty million people into these impoverished countries.

We could take five million a year, but we'd never get ahead of what's happening in these countries, not even in this century.

Don't you see, immigration can never be an effective or significant way to deal with the suffering people of the world.

They have to be helped where they live - 99.9 percent of them will never be able to migrate to rich countries. There is no hope for that.

They have to bloom where they're planted. The only place that 99.9 percent of these people can be helped is where they live. Let's help them there.
Our government is using the poor to import voters into this country. Say it all together now, 'it's corrupt politicians, stupid,' and that includes pols in the U.S.

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